Noob Question: When do you take yhour 3rd

I have read that Zerg players should take their 3rd around 3:30. What about Protoss? When should you take your 3rd. For the typical average players what’s a good time to strive for.

Also, how many troops should I have to defend the 3rd.

4:30 is early greedy 3rd, 5:30 is more common.

My info is outdated by a year, though.

Depends on how aggressive enemy is. You should be producing units all the time regardless, and if enemy is aggressive, slow down economy and defend yourself. Scouting is a thing. Observers, hallucination phoenixes / oracles, adepts or air units work well.

Basicly it is usually good to follow some sort of build order, depending on your league you may take harder or easier one.

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4-5 minutes depending on what build you are going for. Kind of depends on the match up too. 4 minutes is full macro. 5 minutes and you should have a follow up plan whether that is tech, a push, or warp prism harass.

Pro players that open stargate takes it around 4mins.

Zerg player takes their natrual at 48sec and 3rd at 2,35min.

3Nexus should go down at the latest around 5min.