Noob - Editor Questions?

Hi All.

So, I started off messing with the editor and tried starting to follow a tutorial, hitting an immediate roadblock. It seems not all units are showing up for me? For example, I can see and place medivacs, but no medics.

Also, in following a tutorial on creating custom units, as soon as i’m in unit properties, all my fields have the letter ‘C’ in front of them (e.g., when directed to select the ‘Unit’ field, all I have available is ‘CUnit’. I tried anyway, but my custom unit just wasn’t visible after creating it, it’s actor and at least attempting to link them.

It’s like at the start of map creation, I haven’t ticked a box or something and don’t have full access to the editor’s assets.

Any help would be appreciated. I try to deal with stuff like this by myself first before asking others. I am now stuck.

The tutorial is called Starcraft 2 Map Editor - Creating a new Unit (Sorry, can’t post links (yet?). And the problem I run into is at 4:15, where the unit type selectable is either CHero or CUnit as opposed to Default settings (Unit) and the parent field has no regular ‘Unit’ option, just CUnit.

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All data assets are separated via dependencies. Medic is an unit avialbale in the campaign dependenc. You can tick the option when creating a new map, and also via the File -> Manage Dependencies menu option.

Your second problem is that you hsve Raw Mode enable perhaps. Open the data editor and press Control+D. All data types are prefixed with C tho, so don’t get scared.

Might want to join the discord tho
https ://discord .gg /fpY4exB

It was in raw mode! I must have accidentally put it into that somehow. Will take a look at the discord soon, thank you.