No Medics and Firebats on Versus Mode

Why the Terrans don’t have Medics and Firebats during Versus Mode? (1v1, 1vAI, Ranked, Unranked, etc.)

Those are campaign-only units. For whatever reason. You can find plenty in the arcade or maybe through mods but you’re not allowed to use the good stuff in standard gamemodes. I too miss the old units terribly.

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  • Medics only healed and did not fit when Reaper play was considered (no jumppacks for those girls), so they were merged with the Dropship, which only carried units and nothing else.

  • Firebats are a tough frontliner, but they clashed when it came to armored infantry with Marauders, who were present as an anti-armor option. Short range is another issue, since they cannot catch the more nimble light targets (Zerglings and Hydras) and get blasted apart by anti-armor specialists (like Immortals). It was also mildly redundant in that Vultures also filled the same niche of anti-light.
    I think they were rolled with Vultures to make a decent high-speed, anti-light scout raider in the Hellions. The Hellions later got upgraded with a Hellbat form, officially adopting the Firebat role and function while emphasizing the Terran’s use of transformers.