No audio on SC2


I’m using an M1 Mac mini and I’'ve been playing SC2 with no problems (except map editor that don’t works, but anyways). A couple of days ago all the in game audio muted and I have no idea why it’s happening. I even reinstalled but the issue persists.

I can hear the system and other apps audio, but no SC2 audio. I’ve already clicked on restore to defaults on audio settings too. Any ideas on what may be the cause? Thanks!!


I’m also running into this issue on my Mac mini M1. Were you able to solve it by any chance?

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I unplugged an lightning cord and my Logitech receiver and the issue was fixed.

I have this same problem on a M1 Mac Mini as well.

I am running Mac OS 12.6 and patch version

I found a solution. I open the game. When the game is open I turn on my bluetooth headphones. I dont know why but this action activates my external speakers or headphons. The only problem is that if I turn off my bluetooth headphones the skpeakers return to be muted.