Nexus shouldn’t be able to chronoboost itself

I think this single small change would make the TvP so much more fair for Terran and actually give Terran a shot at being ahead in eco and needing Protoss to be efficient for once…

It might be too much and make Protoss a bit weak but then we could give back some slight buffs to observer speed and stuff.


hilarious troll post thank you


If you think about it, that means Protoss would have drastically worse economy than both the other races.

Currently Zerg has the capability to focus all production on workers, and injects mean they can produce ludicrous amount of workers at once at the cost of army production.

Terran has mules.

Protoss has chronoboost.

And so, if you’d like to argue that one of these mechanics is stronger than the other, that’s fine. But removing one of the eco mechanics altogether would be insane. Protoss would have by far the worst economy - kinda like playing Terran without Mules.

From reading your various posts ShiaLaBeouf I believe that you drastically underestimate the effects that small balance changes have on this game. You always seem to propose these drastic changes, and frankly I don’t think you grasp the true value of these changes you propose.

Think your propositions through more carefully. If you think there’s a balance issue in TvP that’s fine, but I can’t think of a single change you’ve proposed that wouldn’t swing the balance of the matchup MASSIVELY in Terrans’ favor.


Honestly I wasn’t really serious about this one. It would probably make the game as Terran favored as it is Protoss favored right now.

All hell would break lose if Terran had 55% winrate in TvP

Everything’s been nerfed to the point Protoss has to invest everything beyond the first or second chrono boost into upgrades anyway. What more do you want?

If you want the race deleted, just come out and say it. The devs will listen if you complain enough.


Mule should not be able to return minerals to the CC that called it down. :+1:


Good day! Hope you and your family are fine in the current world situation now.
I’m a regular player but here is my take. Thanks!

If Nexus loses that to itself then Protoss economy, remaxing, upgrades, tech paths and basically all will be severely affected. Without those boost to itself, Protoss will have no chance on bouncing back after a major loss or even rushing from the start. Removing it basically will make all longer due to relying on early economy and high costs of Protoss race itself. Plus Mothership wil take like forever to produce.

No one will ever see late game scenarios because economy is severely affected from the start. Zerg and Terrans Bio can quickly end Protoss easily. 2nd Base will almost take alot cause of less workers less eco other factors and Nexus costs another 100 minerals vs. CC and Hatchery.

Its a big hit in the game.

a more elegant option, mule range is 8 so it can only mule near patches and no more BC+repair rushes and no more OC farms for mass free workers during lategame.