Next COOP Commander?

Do we know who is next on the roster?


20 Characters.

Perhaps we will find out for the anniversary of July 27!



at least there’s a special mutation for the anniversary

Okay, don’t worry its nothing.

Previous Statement

It’s only a speculation but I found something interresting in Kevin DOng’s Twitter page…
it says.

I asked around about this; the units never actually change size. What’s happening is that our pathing system ignores friendly units en-route, pushing them out of the way. 1/2

However, attacking units can’t be pushed, so the pathing system is coded to be more tolerant of attacking units. 2/2.

pathing system is terminology, often used in editors.
I wonder if this implying something.

He’s talking explicitly about the dragoon pathing in Brood War since the question was asked about why dragoon/goliath pathing was so bad (and the misconception their hitbox changes when walking). It’s not a secret coded message.

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:joy: twilight zone music


Nevermind, I get it. I didn’t know clicking the post takes you to the source post I’m not familiar with Twitter.

I’m hoping that Protoss is next. Stettman was Zerg and Arcturus is Terran. So, it is about time for Protoss. I’m thinking either Selendis (most likely) or Rohana (very likely).

We need Amon! 20 characters

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Is it just me or is my profile picture not showing up?

I can’t see it.
Hmm, Fiddlefaddle’s picture isn’t showing either (or did he changed it?).

Fiddlefaddle, Did you change your Pic or is it just not showing?

I looked around the Campaign forum and looks like you are not the one who’s Profile Pic are not showing.

There was a patch today, maybe it has something to do with it? Apparently you are not the only one who have this problem.
I posted the problem in the Bug report.
Maybe Log off then Log back in?

Was there an update to the site?

No, mine was completely just blacked out for ages until the last patch.

I am not sure what is going on but not the first issue that plagued this forum lol.

Try cleaning out cookies and such with your protection softwares, it might restore it.

Think you posted this on the wrong thread. But I don’t know. I logged in and it was gone. Obviously Blizzard is censoring Abathur!

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Disappearing profile picture problem is quite widespread around the forum. When I noticed ZealousGamer’s Profile pic and yours was gone, I had to verify.

Now I know!

give amon to lvl 1000 players and make him basically like the OP cheat code mode, maybe make it so you have to be in a party to use him and cant use him on brutations.

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There isn’t gonna be any more commanders. The game is officially abandoned, or at least COOP is. Not sure why they don’t have the courage to admit it ?.

Haven’t played co-op in about a year. If we get another commander before a new mission, I will delete sc2. Okay except maybe Ulrezaj or Tassadar.

How dare you crush everyone’s dream like it’s nothing.

Blizzard will surely have a word with you.

Hmph face

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