Newbie asking for advice

Hey guys, new player here trying out the Protoss. Won some rounds against easy AI with Skytoss, but I’m not sure if its gonna be viable against the higher difficulty AI and I’m definitely sure it ain’t gonna work on players. Got any build orders I can practice? Tips and tricks?

The golden standard macro build order is pylon gateway assimilator natural cyber core gas pylon. Always keep the number of probes at 16 on natural (i.e. don’t fill up the first assimilator as soon as it is done).

As soon as cyber is done chrono boost your first unit (adept or stalker), put down your tech of choice asap (robo/twilight/stargate), then start your second unit (adept or stalker).

The rest is very situational. PVP macro is also different from the standard macro above. Try not to make a forge before 4 minutes in any case, and especially try not to hole yourself in with cannons.

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Skytoss WILL work against high-level AIs, especially vs zerg (zerg AI is pretty terrible). Even elite and cheater AI will die to skytoss if you do it right.

Skytoss will also work against a lot of players. If you do nothing but turtle to skytoss and get good at it, you’ll probably get to platinum 1, possibly higher.

In terms of tips? Get good at making army and probes consistently. Watch your replays, and look for when you stop building workers/units, or when you have a lot of money. (Money in the bank = units you didn’t make = units you don’t have = less army = bad).

is a site incredibly useful if you want to see what you’re doing wrong based on your league. It’s also good motivation, if you focus on beating yourself, rather than an opponent.

Not really, at least until well into masters. Before that, there is one comp to go for in all situations: immortal/archon/Templar/chargelot. Winter Starcraft has some very good and up to date guides as well, I would highly recommend those for a beginner.

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Yeah - just watch some guids:
vibelol bronze to gm on youtube

PvP is also a great protoss streamer:
(just ask in chat for help)

I meant anything that happens after 4-5 minutes and whatever opener you pick and whatever the opponent does. I never mentioned army comp specifically, but what you said is right.