New (silly?) Prestige Ideas

Disclaimer: while I made this topic with a general title so it can be used by others, remember that at the time it got posted, ideas had no chances to be implemented, or only in a player-made mod, and the fact I added “(silly?)” in the title don’t improve their chance lol.


Here is the idea that came to my mind just now:

Swann Prestige: Laser Fanatic

  • Drakken Laser Drill can be built (they have independent cooldowns like H&H airstrike platforms)
  • The Laser Drill Tank is available


  • Siege Tanks, Thors and Cyclones are unavailable
  • Factories can only get Tech Lab, no Reactor or Tech Reactor

Laser Drill Tank:

  • Long Range continuous attack vehicle
  • Based on the model “Laser Drill Tank” (that sadly don’t even have an “actor”, so no idea how much work it would be to get it operational)
  • Weapon Range 12 (to start, may require balance/improvement), otherwise work like laser drill structure weapon, damage :grey_question: (TBD), same for speed, armor, life, it’s just a model lol

Dehaka: Primal Gladiator

Advantage: Dehaka starts at level 15.

Disadvantage: Summons either a pack leader or clone of Dehaka with a similar strength level that will immediately make its way across the map to start fighting him. The Gladiator will only target units and structures by Dehaka so this way just in case the person using this prestige screws up, they don’t ruin the match for their teammate.

Dehaka: Primal Tunneler

Advantage: Primal Wurms and Dehaka have deep tunnel cooldowns reduced by 50%. Primal Wurm cost is reduced by 35%.

Disadvantage: Greater primal wurms are unavailable.


Tychus P4 / Drunken Hungover
(+) If Tychus is recruited as the 4th Outlaw, he starts off with all his regular gear
If Tychus is recruited as the 5th Outlaw, he also starts off with his Ultimate Gear
You can recruit 2 Outlaws for free, at the 3-minute mark

(-) Tychus costs resources to recruit
Tychus cannot be recruited until the 3rd Outlaw and on
The Odin is unavailable until Tychus is recruited


Karax P4
(+) Instigators can be created
Nexus has Recall ability that can be used on towers to remove them from the map, but get a full refund for the removed structures

(-) SoA lasers are unavailable


Alarak P4: Highlander

-Alarak permanently gains increased health, shields, attack damage and ability damage for every supply in unit kills around him
-Supplicant deaths contribute to Alarak’s power increase

-Combat unit costs increased by 50%
-Supplicants no longer restore health and shields to Alarak

Swann Prestige: Queen Bee


  • Workers harvest, repair and build faster (50%?100%?)
  • Prerequisites removed for Turrets, Starport and Armory
  • Wraiths always move before and after shooting


  • Engineering Bay, Factory and Laser Beam are unavailable.

Karrax: Armchair general.

Pro: Monoliths now have unlimited range (but not unlimited sight)
Con: Monoliths now cost more and have a limit of 10.

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Raynor P4 — Terrorist, As They Called Him


  • Upon landing, M.U.L.E. approaches the closest enemy unit or building and explodes on contact, dealing 200 (+300 vs. Structure) damage in the area.
  • M.U.L.E. calldown can store up to 3 charges per Orbital Command Center.


  • Each M.U.L.E. calldown charge has a 120 second cooldown.
  • M.U.L.E. can no longer mine minerals.
  • During target seeking, M.U.L.E. prioritizes civilian targets, primarily women and children.
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Zagara Prestige: Me, Myself and I


  • The “Queen” become a “Zagara Clone”
  • Each Zagara Clone got Spawn Creep Tumor, Transfusion and (individual choice per unit) either Baneling Barrage or Spawn Hunter Killers.
  • Each Zagara Clone got the same attack as Zagara, but at 20% power (base:6). Each Zagara Clone Max HP is 40% of the original Zagara. Other stats are the same as (or based on) Zagara.
  • Zagara and her clones are affected by Zagara upgrades, masteries and normal upgrades.
  • Zagara get Spawn Creep Tumor


  • Mass Frenzy and Spawn Larva are unavailable
  • Aberrations and Corruptors are unavailable

Continuing on the tradition of Zagara being the dumb commander, that:

  • can’t counter ground with air or air with ground
  • rely on suicide units and mass numbers in P1
  • rely on big hp brutes in P2
  • rely on herself too much on P3
  • combine those in P0
  • basically has no “Vision” (despite having a quote about it), she just rush like an idiot

This Prestige is no exception. Once again self-centered, Zagara instead of buffing herself like in P3, instead turn all Queens into clones of herself, sacrificing the buff she can give to her ally and her troops, part of her ability to outnumber the enemy, and her tanky units to literally win as “Me, Myself and I”

Disclaimer: Balance may be incomplete as is.
Disclaimer 2: If a real Prestige was born, it would probably recombine and omit some details lol.

Stukov Prestige: Launchpad Mcfested


  • The Aleksander last longer than its usual flying+landed time and has reduced cooldown.
  • The Aleksander-produced infested no longer have a reduced lifetime
  • Infested Liberators and Infested Banshees, once their HP get reduced into the red, have a chance (100% if killed) to initiate a crash, causing a powerful explosion (like Mengsk P3 mechanism) after flying toward an opponent for a short while or on position if an opponent is below.
  • Infested Liberators, Infested Banshees and Overlords cost less resources and time to build.
  • Infested missile turrets can attack ground, have increased range and improved rate of fire.


  • The Aleksander spawn crashed (need to target a valid landing zone, ignore units and buildings like H&H space station crash) and is no longer invincible while crashed.
  • The Overseer, the Brood Queen, the Infested siege tank and the Infested Bunker are unavailable.

Not sure if it’s balanced enough, but the “silly” in the title leave some leeway.

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A funny idea for a Karax prestige would be as follows:

  1. Master of Probes

Advantage. Probes gain a ranged that has a range of 6 which attacks air and ground. Probes have 100% extra health/shields and move 50% faster and their production is reduced to 3 seconds per probe.

Disadvantage: Production speed on all structures, upgrades and units has been reduced by 50%