New season stream anyone?

I will be streaming some Protoss games at to help out our brethren reclaim the lost ladder points. Personally, I need to de-rust myself but I’m going to do a bronze to GM goal. Come hang out if your favorite streamer is offline and you want a place to chill. Backseating allowed, I probably need it after this long hiatus. Also figured it was a good time because a lot of players/streamers I used to watch don’t stream on twitch anymore or are taking a break. Much love <3

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According to your profile, you have 13 master finishes. You’re really going to do a bronze to GM series like the other content creators? Shame on you.

No I’m not actually going to place in bronze “league” or silver “league” for that matter… just my figurative skill after not playing in 4+ years is bronze. Trust me, it’s way harder to place into bronze or get into bronze than it is to get into master or GM for me… lol. But yeah should have worded it better.

Seasonal milestone 1: Crossed 3.5k MMR on NA/KR/EU. Still very rusty. Getting a tiny bit better.

Seasonal milestone 2: Crossed 4.3k MMR on NA/KR. Wow, PvZ is crazy right now. I kind of love it. Forces me to be a better player with all the APM that is needed. Still very bad but tightening build orders. Let’s push for 5k soon.