New idea about Microbio Shroud

Microbio shroud is definitely a spell that has a lot of potentials but yet underestimated. I have an idea to slightly buff the spell to make it more popular:

Apart from deducting half of the air damage towards ground, Microbio shroud also deducts 1/4 of damage from the opponent spell casters. Basically Storm, Disruptor Nova, Widow Mines and opponent Infestor Fungal (the last one can be ignored, no one uses fungal to damage the opponent army in ZvZ)

This benefits in two scenarios:

  1. When fighting against SkyToss, Storm deals 60 damage (15 each second) instead of 80 which makes Microbio Hydra Queen slightly more viable
  2. On the other hand, Widow Mines deals 30 splash damage instead of 40, banelings after upgrades and zergling are both 35 health which means if you cast Microbio Shroud at the right spot, Widow Mines no longer one-shot ling-bane army.
    This has been inspired partially by Dark vs. Clem matchup where Dark utilised Ling-Bane Ravager with Infestor army to fight against Clem’s bio which actually worked very well. Therefore I think Infestors should not only be utilised in neuraling Terran Mech. If the Microbio Shroud can be sortof utilised like SC1Dark Swarm, Zerg players will definitely be encouraged to utilise infestors more in ZvT

What’s your opinion?

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Nah, a bit too op, unless it’s an 1/8 spell damage reduction, and then a 1/4 as a further upgrade. Also widow mines don’t use spells - they have a ranged attack. Banes and lings are quite cheap and quick to make, so it doesn’t really matter, or they’ll survive for soo much longer that this buffed spell, or some of the lings/banes would have to be nerfed.

I think it’s an interesting and good idea, but 1/4 might be a little over the top, like Infested Terr said. But, I don’t really know if it is really over the top, so.