New Hydra attack removes animations

Ok so, I’m completely new to the editor and I’ve been tinkering with weapons and effects. I decided to give the Hydralisk an air-only attack that deals 4 more damage vs Air units and has a -4 bonus vs massive. Both weapons deal the right amount of damage to the right units but every time I do it, without failure, an attack animation doesn’t play, or a sound is missing, or the needle spine projectile doesn’t appear, or any combination of the above. I think it has to do with the new actors and sounds that I make when I duplicate effects and weapons, but I’m not sure how to remove/add the correct ones.

I’ve published the map as “rebalancedhydras” (I’m pretty sure it’s under ‘melee’)

Attack animation doesn’t play
No sounds are played
No projectile is shown
Attack animation DOES play :partying_face:
No sounds are played
No projectile is shown

Thanks for all your help!

Without looking too deep, I would simply say it must be a matter of the newest actors that had to be associated are not linked in every element. Duplicating data can be tough for starters. Anyhow, let me propose to you to join our community:

It’s a discord invitation to the Sc2 Mapster. If I can’t have the time to answer to your issue, someone else in there can, we are a large community.