New Co-Op Commander: Admiral Xiao (UED Commander)

Xiao Fei Yeung, Admiral of the UED:

  • Recommended for players of all skill levels.
  • Control the Hecate Platform, a prototype floating fortress that annihilates its enemies that may stand in its way.
  • Command an army of battle-hardened UED units.

Top Bar Abilities:

  1. Hecate Platform (Level 10) - Summons a Hecate Platform and four Orcus Battlecruisers that is controllable and fight for 60 seconds.
  2. EMP Ordinance (Level 2) - Fires a barrage of EMP missiles that disables enemy shields, energy, and cloaking capabilities.


  1. Marine - General purpose infantry.
  2. Stormtrooper - Heavy assault infantry, capable of ignoring enemy shields and drains energy with each attack.
  3. Tactical Medic - Support infantry. Heals both biological and mechanical units. Can use Restoration and Lock-On.
  4. Phantom - Specialist infantry. Can use Penetrating Round to deal linear damage. Permanently cloaked.
  5. Siege Tank - Durable tank, can change to Tank Mode or Siege Mode.
  6. Mistral Goliath - Heavy fire support unit. Can attack ground and air units simultaneously.
  7. Heavy Wraith - Tactical strike fighter. Can use Cloak.
  8. Elite Valkyrie - Heavy air superiority fighter.
  9. Valhalla - Aerial support unit with Biomechanical Aura that heals nearby units. Can use Displacement Field. Detector.
  10. Orcus Battlecruiser - Capital ship. Can use Yamato Cannon and Time Warp.
  11. Sentry Turret - All-purpose defensive structure. Detector.


  1. Plasma Combat Shields - Increases the life of Marines by 15 and grants maximum shields by 50.
  2. Concussive Blast - Stormtroopers’ attacks slows down enemy units. Massive and heroic units are immune.
  3. Alecto Reactor (Level 4) - Tactical Medics starts with full energy.
  4. Nanomend Gauntlet (Level 4) - Tactical Medic’s Heal no longer requires energy.
  5. Shieldpiercer Warhead (Level 4) - Stormtroopers’ attacks ignores enemy shields.
  6. Aesir Class Tac-Visor (Level 14) - Increases Phantom’s attack range by 2 and vision by 1.
  7. Terran Infantry Armor - Increases the armor of infantry units.
  8. Terran Infantry Weapons - Increases the damage of infantry units.
  9. Kismet Self-Targeting System (Level 6) - Increases the Sentry Turrets’ attack range by 2 and damage by 1.
  10. Biosteel Infrastructure (Level 6) - Structures can now regenerate and increases armor by 2.
  11. Rapid Siege Mode - Siege Tanks can now switch to siege mode, but 50% faster when switching to two modes.
  12. Charon Boosters - Increases the attack range of Mistral Goliath’s Hellfire Missiles by 3 and Autocannons by 1.
  13. Merusea Weapon System (Level 9) - Increases the attack range and vision of Siege Tanks by 1 when in Tank Mode and 3 when in Siege Mode.
  14. Icarus Protocol (Level 9) - Mistral Goliaths have 25% chance to evade enemy attacks.
  15. Terran Vehicle and Ship Plating - Increases the armor of vehicle and ship units.
  16. Terran Vehicle and Ship Weapons - Increases the damage of vehicle and ship units.
  17. Apollo Thrusters - Increases the Heavy Wraith’s movement speed.
  18. Skadi-Class Target Finder - Increases the Valkyrie’s attack range by 3.
  19. Hades Cloaking Module (Level 12) - Heavy Wraiths can now be permanently cloaked.
  20. Sekhmet Airburst Warhead (Level 12) - Valkyrie’s deal + 2 bonus damage against mechanical units and +3 against biological units.
  21. Xenon-Tungsten Battery (Level 12) - Increases the Orcus Battlecruisers’ attack speed by 15% and attack damage by 2.
  22. Hel Reactor (Level 14) - Valhallas start with full energy.
  23. Logistica Alpha - SCVs gains 10 health and +2 armor.
  24. Artificial Shields (Level 11) - Mechanical combat units gain shields by 150.
  25. Repulsion Scrambler (Level 11) - Mechanical combat units are now immune to negative effects.


  1. Perseverance over Power: Combat units decreases training time by 10%, gain 10% health, 5% attack speed, and Supply Depots costs 25% less and Tactical Medics and Siege Tanks are no longer require a Tech Lab.
  2. EMP Ordinance: A barrage of EMP missiles that drains energy and shields within its radius.
  3. Level 3: Budget Cuts - Combat units cost 15% less.
  4. Level 4: Barracks Tech Lab Upgrade Cache - Unlocks the following upgrades in the Barracks Tech Lab:
  • Tactical Medics start with full energy and healing requires no energy.
  • Stormtroopers’ attacks ignore enemy shields.
  1. Level 5: Tactical Logistics - Top Bar abilities cooldown decreases by 25%.
  2. Level 6: Engineering Bay Upgrade Cache - Unlocks the following upgrades in the Engineering Bay:
  • Sentry Turrets increases attack range and damage.
  • Structures are now regenerating when not attacked.
  1. Level 7: The Elite Corps unlocks the Phantom and the Valhalla.
  2. Level 8: Field Intel - Reveals the entire map at the start of the game.
  3. Level 9: Factory Tech Lab Upgrade Cache - Unlocks the following upgrades in the Factory Tech Lab:
  • Increases the Siege Tank’s Tank and Siege Mode’s attack range and vision.
  • Mistral Goliaths can now evade basic attacks.
  1. Level 10: Hecate Platform - Summons a prototype floating fortress that fights for 60 seconds.
  2. Level 11: Armory Upgrade Cache - Unlocks the following upgrades in the Armory:
  • Mechanical combat units gain shields.
  • Mechanical combat units are now immune to negative effects.
  1. Level 12: Starport Tech Lab and Hecate Platform Upgrade Cache - Unlocks the following upgrades in the Starport Tech Lab and Hecate Platform:
  • Heavy Wraiths are now permanently cloaked.
  • Elite Valkyries have additional bonus damage against both types.
  • Orcus Battlecruisers gain additional attack speed and attack damage.
  1. Level 13: Tactical Dominance - Top bar abilities’ damage deal 25% more. Structures grant Inspiration Aura to increase damage nearby friendly units. Ability effectiveness deal 100% more.
  2. Level 14: Logistics Center Upgrade Cache - Unlocks the following upgrades in the Logistics Center:
  • Increases the Phantoms’ attack range and vision.
  • Valhallas start with full energy.
  1. Level 15: Shifty’s Specialty - Combat units gain the following attributes:
  • Marines gain damage by 1.
  • Stormtroopers deal +15 bonus damage against heroic units.
  • Tactical Medics’ Lock-On marks up to five enemy units.
  • Phantoms’ attack restores health.
  • Siege Tanks’ attack damage deal 15% more in both modes.
  • Mistral Goliaths’ temporarily increase movement and attack speed when killing an enemy unit.
  • Heavy Wraiths’ attack damage deal 10% and gain life by 15% more.
  • Elite Valkyries’ attack count gain by 2.
  • Orcus Battlecruisers’ Time Warp no longer channeled.
  • Hecate Platform regenerates when not in combat.


  • P0: Admiral of the UED - No advantages or disadvantages.
  • P1: Mechanized Motorhead -
    Advantage: Factory and Starport no longer have tech requirements, mechanical combat units gain 50% increased life, attack damage deals 30% more, and costs 20% less.
    Disadvantage: Biological combat units’ attack damage deals 15% less, decrease 25% life, and Phantoms are unavailable.
  • P2: Battalion Boomer -
    Advantage: Biological combat units gain 100% increased life, attack damage deals 20% more, costs 10% less, and decreases training time by 30%.
    Disadvantage: Mechanical combat units’ attack damage deals 20% less, costs 25% more, decrease 30% life, and attack speed decreased by 10%.
  • P3: Celestial Conqueror -
    Advantage: The Hecate Platform is no longer summoned, but can still build Orcus Battlecruisers instantly on the battlefield. Orcus Battlecruisers costs 50% less and attack range gain 20% more. The Armory is no longer have tech requirements.
    Disadvantage: The Hecate Platform has 6 supplies and costs 400 minerals and 400 gas, Orcus Battlecruisers cannot be appeared but can be built at the Platform.

Power Set 1:

  • Combat units energy regeneration (Up to 30%)
  • Combat units attack damage (Up to 30%)

Power Set 2:

  • Hecate Platform cooldown (Up to -30%)
  • EMP Ordinance cooldown (Up to -30%)

Power Set 3:

  • Infantry attack speed (Up to 30%)
  • Mech attack speed (Up to 30%)


  • EMP’d Up - Drain 15000 energy or shields with EMP ordinance.
  • Nothing beats the Classics - Deal 10000 damage with UED combat units.
  • Bat Outta Hecate - Deal 12500 damage with the Hecate Platform on hard difficulty or higher.
  • Vengeance for Dugalle - Complete all the Admiral Xiao’s achievements.

Xiao Fei Yeung was a Rear-Admiral, later the newly appointed Admiral of the United Earth Directorate. Before the Brood War, he was assigned to guard Earth from the Dominion, the Zerg, and the Protoss by his superior, Admiral Gerard Dugalle. When news reached when Dugalle and Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov were killed in action, Xiao succeeds Dugalle’s place and becomes the new Admiral of the UED. With his quirky prototype Adjutant named Shifty, he renamed his flagship “Dugalle’s Revenge” in honor of the late Admiral, prepares an armada to invade the Korpulu Sector once again. However, it is not the Dominion, the Protoss, or the Zerg who had encountered, but Amon and his minions somehow returned and his legacy continues to wreak havoc on the Sector. The Xiao-led UED forces will counter this new threat.

Voice Lines

  • X is Xiao, S is Shifty

Enemy Race Detected:
Enemy Terrans

  • (X) Enemy Terrans, just as I expected.
  • (S) Alert! Hostile Terrans identified.

Enemy Zerg

  • (X) Hostile Zerg Brood spotted.
  • (S) Danger! Encountering Zerg opposition.

Enemy Protoss

  • (X) The Protoss, Shifty, we’re gonna need a bigger firepower.
  • (S) Hostile Protoss signatures detected.

Large Objective Targeted (Void Shards, Void Thrashers and Moebius Battle Station Power Supplies

  • (X) Ok Shifty, don’t inform me too much. I got this.
  • (X) Let’s roll.
  • (S) Objective marked.
  • (S) Tread carefully, we don’t want any mishaps, Admiral.

Moving Objective (Moebius Trains and Shuttles)

  • (X) Pick up the pace, guys. Let’s take it out before it escapes.
  • (X) Shifty, can you find its target. Make sure it will not get past between us and the objective.
  • (S) It is trying to escape. Should we pursue them?
  • (S) It’s on the run, engage or don’t engage. Your call, Admiral.

Escorting Objective (Aurana’s Transport):

  • (X) Alright people, we’re on escort duty.
  • (S) This objective cannot fend off alone, I recommend to provide a heavy escort.

Enemy base on the pit of Amon’s Champion (Chain of Ascension):

  • (X) Keep it up, continue the assault!
  • (S) Sensors indicate that we are winning this mission.

Defending Objective (XN Temple and Sgt. Hammer’s Fortress):

  • (X) Create a defensive perimeter around the objective.
  • (X) We’ll defend this area or die trying.
  • (S) We will do our best to prevent this objective fall into enemy hands.
  • (S) Tactical analysis shows we’ll have to hold until it is over.

Hybrid Detected:

  • (X) One of Amon’s creations, gotta take it out.
  • (X) Shifty, analyze the hybrid’s weakness.
  • (S) Hybrid alert! Hybrid alert!
  • (S) Attacking hybrids is our first priority.

Attack Wave:

  • (X) Enemy forces incoming, ready yourselves.
  • (X) An enemy attack is en route to our base.
  • (S) Alert! Alert! Enemy forces are inbound.
  • (S) Warning! Enemy attack wave imminent, stay alert.

Cloaked Enemies:

  • (X) The enemy is using cloaked units, ready our detection.
  • (S) Cloaking signatures detected, I recommend to use detectors.

Losing too much units:

  • (X) We’re sustaining heavy casualties.
  • (X) The UED has suffer too many losses.
  • (S) Casualties in the red!
  • (S) We are short of manpower and firepower.

Enemy attempts to overload the Celestial Lock:

  • (X) Let them come, the enemy won’t know that they won’t succeed.
  • (X) I gotta need your tactics, Shifty. We’ll secure it together.
  • (S) The enemy must not take control of the objective.
  • (S) We will secure it first, let’s not rush before they counterattack.

Large Objective Destroyed:

  • (X) That’s one less objective to be concerned with.
  • (X) Totally worth it.
  • (S) With your tactical skills and my intelligence, we make an excellent team.
  • (S) Piece of cake.

Moving Target Destroyed:

  • (X) They’re not going anywhere.
  • (X) Objective’s history.
  • (S) I admired your skills, Admiral.
  • (S) Objective is destroyed and out of commission.

Celestial Lock Secured:

  • (X) Just as predicted like Dugalle and Stukov.
  • (X) Good job, everyone. But it’s not over yet.
  • (S) This property belongs to the UED.
  • (S) The enemy would not know that we secured this objective.

Objective Defended and Safe:

  • (X) Looks like the objective is unharmed and unscathed.
  • (X) Nice work, all of you.
  • (S) The objective is safe.
  • (S) Now that’s just like the simulations.

Evac Ship is safely protected (Scythe of Amon):

  • (X) Alright, this one is safe, let’s focus on the priority target again.
  • (X) Well that seems inevitable.
  • (S) Tactical analysis confirms that this one’s journey has reach its destination unharmed.
  • (S) No time for celebrations, Admiral. Our job is not over yet.

XN Temple Almost Activated:

  • (X) Don’t lose hope, all of you!
  • (X) Keep your defenses tight.
  • (S) Hold out a little longer.
  • (S) Tactical analysis confirms that we are nearly over, we must keep our defenses up and running.

Top Bar Abilities:
EMP Ordinance

  • (X) EMP Ordinance is now ready.
  • (S) EMP is ready to fire, Admiral.

EMP Fired

  • (X) Fry them down!
  • (S) EMP missiles in effect!

Hecate Platform

  • (X) The Hecate Platform is ready for deployment.
  • (S) Hecate Platform is standing by.

Hecate Platform Deployed

  • (X) Calling down the Hecate!
  • (S) Enemies of the UED beware, the might of the Hecate Platform rains destruction above you!

Thanking to the co-op buddy:

  • (X) Thank you, this is just what we needed.
  • (X) Your assistance is timely.
  • (S) Our gratitude for your actions.
  • (S) You have our thanks.


  • (X) This one’s for you, Gerard.
  • (X) What do you think, Shifty? Time for a tactical debriefing?
  • (S) Admiral, looks like you need an R&R after this one.
  • (S) That was a heck of a mission.

what is this, new co-op commander, ofc ?

Yeah, in all, three Terran commanders (Tosh, Valerian, and this new UED commander) will be added in co-op roster.


This is a request for the arcade coop right?

Why yes. Yes it is, friend.

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I wish it didn’t put so much pressure on me to join an arcade coop lobby :worm: :droplet:

This new UED commander will replace Dugalle, of course.