Nerf Thor range air

Thors do a whole lot of damage to air and ground. They have the same range has Tempest. Tempest was made to out range the structure and the units. With the same Range as tempest with the huge amounts of damage to air units with the 250mm punisher Cannons is to OP. please nerf the range on it


Go home pathetic protoss scum.

Your comment makes it very clear that you belong in Gold League but have failed your way up to diamond screwing people with Tempests and crying when they found a counter.



It’s well known that thors are broken. Leave it up to a Terran to resort to namecalling right off the bat


They also outrange broodlords :\


I like the idea of making the Thor have to root before it can shoot air. Perhaps if it had a 10 second animation exactly like a spine crawler.

OR alternatively the spine crawler could root faster. Yea that seems like a better idea. How about it blizzard?

I mean i get it its hard to deal with but just mass zealots to me at least the counter to thors is overwhelming ground force to just kill it before it gets to bad.

lol do u know the existence of disruptor and immortal?
cause i dont think so u probaly think skytoss can beat anything but no

Thor is what you get you sky protoss F2 A noob.