Needed for next patch: Overlords+Infestors interaction

A problem that has been bothering me for weeks.

In a match not so long ago, I did this stylish thing which is: take control of the opposing vigilantes in ZvZ with the idea of ​​reducing my opponent’s max pop so that he cannot, during the combat, produces additional units. Style right?

I mentally control his vigilantes, they become mine. My opponent loses their benefit, I gain it, a sort of equivalent to a “Contaminate” of the Overseers in effect. He loses max pop, I gain some. In short, I was happy with my find (I love theorycrafter). I would even say that this should make it possible to temporarily exceed 200 max pop in terms of game design but that is only my opinion (as with the trick spores).

What a horror and HUGE disappointment to see that this is not implemented in the live version of the game (as of March 8, 2023). Contrary to what seems logical to me, taking control of the enemy’s vigilantes does not reduce your opponent’s maximum population. I don’t see any argument that would make sense for this not to be in the game.

Could the Balance Council include this so I sleep better.
Because yes I became insomniac with this, like every time I encounter something illogical (or unfair).

Actually, I don’t sleep much.
But this is another story.

Do you have a counter-reason for not implementing this?
Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Problem is u don’t own unit u just take possession of it.

When u mutate corrupter to brood lord with your expense it still belongs to the other player.