Need test help for a mod: ai player id test


I’m creating a mod called “Fight out, not at home!”.
My issue is that I have a chat code to disable the buffs from the mod to an AI player, but while it need to be fixed, I won’t be sure it’s really fixed with my testing abilities.

Currently, the code requires to input a number that seems to be 1 above the X in “AI X” name.
This seemed consistent when I moved around the AI in the lobby and it still worked that way.

My worry is that if there were 2 human players, maybe it would require the number to be 2 above the value in name, and with 3 humans 3 above, and so on…
This is the pattern I want to check.

Sadly, I’m a coop player, I’m ok with being matchmaked, but I’m no good at creating/using lobbies and stuff, so I fail to get in the conditions needed to experiment.

There’s a tip ingame with the mod that show the code to use.
If anybody could try to test it for me and report the findings, I would be grateful.