Need some PvT Cheese

My friends and I are doing a tournament among ourselves and I’m playing against our best player next week. I’m, like, mid-Plat level Protoss and he’s High Plat/Low Diamond Terran. I figure, I can’t beat him in a fair fight, so I want to make the fight unfair.

Thing is, I don’t cheese, like, ever. I really prefer the Macro-Heavy games, so I don’t know what kind of BS works against Terrans. I figure that early Skytoss/Oracle silliness is problematic because Marines exist, and things like defending against Cannon Rushes and DT Rushes he’s actually well practiced at. So I’m not sure what direction I should go with.

Suggestions welcome!

Cannon rush, voidray proxy, Maxpax/proxy gate at the very beginning. These are the only 1 base cheeses that work. A few 2 base allins can work by catching your opponent off guard too, but in general, they don’t work especially when the opponent is doing a 2 base timing as well (and they just make a third safe cc and get ahead economically). There’s a reason why none of the Protoss cheeses Terrans at the highest level.

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Proxy Voids with batteries is very difficult to hold without knowing what you’re doing.


Check out Kingcobras dt blink 2 base allin vs terran