Need BO for PvZ diamond1/master3


Actually my PvZ is really bad and i gekt rekt most of the time. So if you have any BO i will gladly accepte (i rufuse to do photon rush in opening).

ps: sorry if my english is not very good

1gate expo
one pheonix to clear the floating bois and then an oracle to cover your 3rd base. After 3rd is down drop 2 robos and pump immortals.
When at 6 immortals bm the zerg and amove at him.

Is it generally safe to place both robos after placing your 3rd? Or will it depend on what you scout?
I wanna try this.

Sure why not. Member to make several sentries so you can FF off the zerg army.
EDIT: you gotta understand that I’m barely diamond and that if you’re higher this prolly wont work for you. For maximum results make 2 warp prisms and warp speedlots all over while you micro immortals with the other one.

it works in masters as well. I usually place both my robos at the 3rd so immortals don t derp in the wall. The only problem is if you lose the 3rd you lost the game, regardless on how many drones is the zerg.

If you think you have the APM for this you can try gate fast expand robo, 2 more gates. build an immortal (or 2 if you feel it’s safer, but will hit later) prism, 4-5 sentries and some zealots and go across the map while you take a 3rd. Your only concern is not to lose the army, you don’t care about wining the game or killing drones with this : you deny creep, shave some army etc. just have presence on the map because most zergs will freak out and will stop droning for quite a while. But be careful not to overstay your welcome and to keep producing immortals at home and macro. From here you can go anywhere you want: forge and twilight, robo bay, 6 more gates and all in :smiley: your call. It’s a pretty safe opening since you will have an imortal and if the zerg is greedy you can straight up win the game. But if you overcomit and lose the immortal, you will lose the game, since it is your anchor. When ever you feel threatened forcefields and recall. Beware, since you are not opening stargate you are vulnerable to a muta switch, so keep sending halucinations across the map at a constant pace


2 gate fast adepts into oracle is what my clanmate always does (m1 / m2) also pretty good as well is voidray opening imo because voidrays have a big army value and I can only beat it with queen/ravager into infestor or viper because you to cover a huge area and a lot of dark spots.

But the main thing is to work on the weak points of your strategy to improve your scouting and reacting.
So if you post a replay, we could change your strategy a bit (optimize gas timings, tech timings and attack timings).

Also think about mind games:

  • first probe blocking a 17 hatch (zerg has to go 16 hatch)
    –> If you block the zerg natural, go for an early attack as zerg needs to spread creep & delay gas to compensate.
  • If you can’t block the 2nd hatch spot, you can go phoenix into oracle and then say 3-4 phoenixes so zerg doesn’t know if you’re going double stargate or not.
    But then you go chargelot/immo push to clear creep & 3rd base - then take your own 3rd base. (but fake a 3rd base so zerg drones up).
  • If you see zerg going for ground, you can go get some voidrays with speed to snipe bases and get carriers plus archon/storm. (a lot of gas so get bases quickly with cannons/shield batteries and 1 HT per base to defend vs. swarm hosts.

But anyway: You didn’t say what style you like. Do you like to play aggressive or more aggressive or do you like turtle-ing up like stats with an all-in or heavy push here and there?