My wanted Co-op experiments?

I have no idea how to use the editor and there are things I want to Know when my idea is implemented in coop.
If anybody is reading this, please run some experiments for me…

1. Kerrigan’s Improved Chain Effect

  • Chain attack is 25% affected by current attack (25% of 40 is 10, 25% of 70 is 17.5)
  • Chain attack unaffected by armour value
  • triggers fury
  • contributes to mutating armour


  • Attack speed and Ability mastery is increased from 30% to 45%
    Have Includie it to have increase Max Mutating Carapace (have then 260) and amount of it absorbed (60% of her attack).

  • Mutating Armour cooldown speed is decreased.

  • Fury lasts 10 seconds from 5 seconds

  • Kerrigan benefits from unit Upgrade (Through heroic Fortitude)

  • Every attack upgrade raises +2 and Every Armour upgrade raises +1 defence and Carapce Armour (this upgrade applies to zagara)
  • Leap can damage Colossus
  • Kerrigan’s Attack Range is back to 6
  • Kerrigan’s Psionic Shift reduces Damage to 50%
  • Psionic Shift Break force fields
  • Immobilization Wave also samage Structures

2. Death Fleet calldown

  • Destroyers have + 40% attack increase with each bounce (they are not particularly destructive).
  • All Death Fleet Unit have additional +100 shield (Destroyers die too easily)

3. Zagara

  • Zagara’s Baneling benefits from Baneling upgrades
  • Zagra’s Infestation Drop Also affect Air Units like Orbital Strike and does +50 damage to Structures.
  • Zagara’s Roach should be Corpser Strain and does 50% more Damage.
  • Zagara’s Roach Mastery also imcreases Drop pod Damage

More to come

  1. Stukov Plague Munnition Stack
    Have them stack 2 or 3 times.

Request Updated… some one please have a look at it.

Do Kerrigan First, I want to see how effective she will get.

EDIT UPDATED. Please have a look

Edit Updated Zagara included, Please take a look.

what do you want us to do on the forum exactly :stuck_out_tongue: i don’t understand

I am asking anyone who can use editor to tweak details I proposed and run some tests.
How good it is
How better it is
Is it appropriate or Overpowered? etc