Mothership shouldnt be abductable

Thats pretty silly that it can be. It reminds of the old days of Brood War where you had to kill Fenix in a zerg mission and he has 800/800 hp, and you can just use broodling and one shot him with a queen.

For such a big single unit investment, you shoulndt be able to one shot it. Just like you cant graviton ultras and thors, you shouldnt be able to abduct the Mothership.

Should also have some more armor, being a city and all.



Even more pressing is how much of a joke carriers are now.

I do think Voids getting the speed upgrade was the right idea to make them viable late game. It at least lets you split reasonably well against parasitic bomb and make them microable. Skytoss is still broken though for the above reasons.


So you can’t abduct the mothership, can’t neural it…
So you want zerg to dive in again and again with corruptors vs. archons and voidrays?
You want zerg to only fight with spore crawlers as infestors and overseers get feedbacked (pretty easy with a few high templars and rapid fire) / focussed while the mothership is following a collossi and always out of range?

Please try out what you suggest before you post bs!
Your idea is as good as removing the “armored” tag from ultralisks.

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No, I don’t think that’s the case at all. Even if it couldn’t be abducted, sky toss would still be bad. It’s 400/400 8 supply 112second build time (!) for a unit that has like 20 dps. Its a blessing for the zerg if you build a mothership, seriously. I would much rather have 2-3 more void rays in my sky toss army to actually fight back against the corrupters. Still not sure sky toss is viable whatsoever at the highest levels. It sure wasn’t before the patch.


Just played toss myself to test Void Ray…they fast and have good damage air&ground alike. Has a 0.5 second delay between ray bursts (very high firing rate) with a decent damage boost to armor units sacrificing some speed. Very nice option to fly in the backside nest all pointed and perky ready. was kinda surprised what just a few can do.

Yeah. And they are like the only unit capable of dealing with corrupters remotely cost effectively. Void rays aren’t bad now.

I %1000 agree,

It does not make game/logical sense, Phoenix can’t pick up a ultratusk, but a flying snake can abduct a whole flying protoss fortress city?

Fairness is fairness, a mothership core also cost more than an ultratusk!


that time warp / slow zone is pretty handy if you have a mothership though

How about reducing the distance a viper can pull a mother ship.
Say that it’s to large to pull Max distance…


Then you’ll just loose vipers every time.
The mothership can hide behind the army - you need to come in from the right angle or you’ll always loose more than the value of the mothership.

Go watch blizzcon from this year. I forget who but they lost 2 mother ships in the same game to vipers for free.

They are literally(supposed to be) the best and it happened twice in one game…

Is fine is abductable, what they need to do is a rework in the cloak tech so you don’t loose it in one slow building and expensive unit. I had this thought of a rework on mothership core for this porpouse, allowing 1 per nexus.

Coming from a Zerg/Protoss player. T n P can fast tech air. Not so easy for zero as we dont have ne true scout units or buildings. Vipers cost 200 gas to make so it’s really steep price for zero and is useless unless you have corrupted with em or mutas but skytoss and T air are very hard for zero to deal with. Also most people doing fast tech, tower the hell outta there bases. Plus it’s not very easy to upgrade air atk/arm for zero without committing. You have observers or at the very least when you engage can see vipers. Back the mothership out. It has to have some counter cuz all zero has to counter invis is bringing overseerings into battle which can be killed very easily. Zerg has early mid and end game units so skytoss is hard to counter especially since hydras are our first air attack we can get that fits in with early ground upgrades. There are way too many ways for you to counter this problem. You should always be using 2 observer’s one on enemy side and one outside your own base. My fix would be to give us maybe a scout unit that maybe mutas could transform into our overhaul the infestor

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Im not sure what you are trying to say but the Zerg answer to everything anti air (and colossus for that matter) is build corrupters. VR are the only unit that remotely can deal with corrupters and even then corrupters are much more supply efficient and even more cost efficient in a trade with VR if you get him to blow his prismatic alignment and you run away. More importantly, a VR army takes like a million years to build and gets wrecked by Hydras. And all of Toss air gets wrecked by Vipers abducting units into corrupters and (to a lesser extent) parasitic bomb.

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just feedback the vipers with 2-3 HTs and get 3-4 archons --> corruptors -->melt<–

I mean having overseer doesn’t seem like a huge problem in the late-game for zerg. Also, someone stated that you should have observers to see the vipers and pull away the Mothership. Then why can’t the zerg have overseers to spot the cloaked army?

I like the idea of McgeeMan: reduce how much the viper pulls the Mothership, make it like 75% of what it is now.

I will also make you note that you can only have 1 Mothership and you can’t even have another in poduction, which means that you have to wait 2 minutes ish to have another Mothership when one is destroyed.
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I disagree. The mothetship is a 100% worth it investment when heading into battle. With its ability to cloak things under it, it protects the units from being spell casted (abduct, neural, parasitic bomb). In order to inflict the required damage desired, one must destroy the mothership first.

Olso, if you let your mothership die, its clear that the enemy has been forward the entire time.

Talk about realism? How come 30 marines, with their automatic rifles, that require multiple shots to kill something as a pathetic zerglings, are able to bring down a spaceship, big as an entire country, that shoots lasers?

Conclusion: shut up c!@t its a video game