Mobile versions of classic games

Am I the only one who yearns to play the classic RTS games of SC 1 & 2 and WC 1-3, but lack the time and space to use a PC to make it happen? Other developers have managed to transition massive games (such as Civilization 6) to mobile phones, so it seems reasonable that Blizzard should be technically capable of doing the same. No other games on mobile come close to what Star Craft and Warcraft have to offer, even after all these years. I personally would be more than willing to pay full price for each individual game if they have the same functionality and story lines.

no way in the world to do this for mobile.

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I use Exagear app for Android by Coreland, can be found on youtube channel (SORRY IPHONE USERS but if anyone knows to port one there… OH WAIT IPHONE/MACOS is so overprotective it will disallow installing a random app proly has to be from apple store)

I was able to run:
Starcraft (lol that worked even on my 2014 phone)
Diablo 2 LoD (to remember diablo as I may try D4)
Warcraft 3 (a bit laggy and control can be a bit hard but you will not play ladder) and my fave AOE type of historical game - Empire Earth.

Old DOS games like War1,War2 can be even played with magic dosbox.

DO play your fave games on mobile like that,
DO NOT play Chinese trash mobile games with 0 reward (those that are built upon purchases like Diablo Immortal), whaling and pay to lose , Ive spent over 1K on such game and im sorry I started it! Soon will uninstall because the devapes cannot fix there is no balance in some things and my competitive patience is soon over with how bad mobile gamers are but because the game allows stupid people to win to feel good…

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I know absolutely nothing about programming or anything related to developing games, so this is probably a dumb question, but why can’t any of these games get ported over when others that are newer and larger have been?

well, unless you plan on carrying a keyboard everywhere you go to do the very demanding macro work needed to play sc2, then no its not really possible, and if your gonna carry a keyboard everywhere, why not just use a laptop. I will assume that you all will want to play this on a tablet and not a phone, cause if your playing this on a phone screen good look squinting your eyes to select individual units. So again at that point, why even bother playing it on mobile, kinda pointless and stupid right. I mean if your gonna play on tablet with a keyboard and mouse attached, why not just go for the laptop instead. I mean really this one is a no brainer here why this game shouldnt be ported to mobile.

Also i dont condone the use of laptops either, get your self a real pc.

I guess everything is possible. The difference between using a mouse and keyboard vs touchscreen just would be like 3 or 4 thousand mmr :joy:

dont you mean apm. not sure what mmr got anything to do with that.

Are you trolling?

Otherwise i recommend you see a doctor, if you believe you can play SC just as well on a touch screen with no mouse and no keyboard. A GM player on a touch screen would be lucky to beat someone in gold league with a mouse and keyboard.

gee you must not have actually read my post. So are you trolling. Your bringing up mmr for something that has nothing to do with mmr. How ever apm would make sense if you said that being that if you were using a touch screen you might hit an apm of like 10-20 where as your oppenent who is on a real comp is hitting anywhere from 60 -400 apm.

I bring up MMR cause IT IS MMR.

A lot more things than just APM will be trash when you play on a touch screen.

Your ability to click on the mini map, your scrolling, your ability to select units accurately, your ability to set and use unit hotkeys, camera hotkeys, even your ability to see stuff will be worse, cause the screen is smaller… like 10 times smaller. HUD overlays will consume larger proportion of the screen to stay readable, or be removed. The list goes on and on…

And the result of alllllll that stuff together will be a worse MMR if you play against PC players. That wont be fun, trust me…

If you split cellphone players and PC players entirely, so they never have to face, maybe you can have a way.

But that game will then become a completely different thing than the SC you know. For example you probably wont have a minimap at all, cause a touch screen is much too unprecise to use it… along with 100 other things that will change drastically.

SC as it is, was just not made for cellphone play.

yeah, your mmr is gonna be in the dumpster cause your losing games, cause you cant compete at the level of some one who uses a keyboard and mouse

…if only some one had already said that in another post…

but yeah, as me and you have now both stated, touchscreen vs keyboard and mouse = bad idea. Now i mean you could hook a keyboard and mouse up to a mobile device, but really whats the point, you might as well play on a laptop at that point, or your desktop if you have one.

lets face it tho, mmr is the least of the problems when it comes to this.

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The only way is as i said… you have to split PC players and mobile players. Otherwise its gonna suck sooooo much.

I remember reading about ego shooter game on PS… and they had to split game pad players and mouse-keyboard players, cause it was totally unfair there too.

yeah a keyboard warrior will destroy a touchscreen user anyday. And lets face it blizzard wont split anyone up, were lucky we even got the latest balance patch we did, so there support right now is pretty much non existent, so them hiring a whole team to encode whats needed to split the player base is never gonna happen.

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None of the PvP issues are relevant when playing solo. I don’t play against other people anyway, even when I did play on a desktop. As far as the size of the icons, maps, etc., it’s also a non issue, CIV6 proved it. I could play that game on my phone without issue for years until recently when a bug nerfed some text aspects of the game.

I just want to be able to play the SC and WC single player games on my phone.