MMR Ranges Out of Order in US/EU

This is probably the 1000th topic on the issue. 1v1 Bronze MMR ranges are higher than Silver on US and EU. Please take a look at the MMR ranges so you can see the problem.

Has been an issue for years now that affects a large % of the player base.

Look, it’s probably some algorithm that someone wrote 15 years ago and noone knows how to maintain it. Hard-coding the ranges would be better than doing nothing. Or some hacky fix. I’d love a hacky fix! Just please make the MMR ranges go from low to high so we can feel some sort of progression.


this problem still continues? any solution?

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Hey Gang,

Probably not. Haha.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.

Walter Chow

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I hope Blizzard can fix this soon. It is very frustating to always play vs active Dia and Master players while I am stuck in Bronce. I lose 40 MMR to peaple who are 300 MMR above me and gain sometimes as little as 11 MMR per win. This is frustrating, sad and not fair.
Please don’t give up on Starcraft Blizzard. This game felt always very rewarding. Improvement was key and improvement was noticeable in rank. Since the Ladder is broken again it feels different.
It affects the unique selling point of this game: Fair rewards for hard work and improvement of our skills as players of this highly balanced game.

I hope my comment increases the traffic and can help that the issue will be noticed by the developers of my favorite game and properly adressed.

Hey Hey,

I had that happened to me yesterday with 2v2& 4v4. Pretty mad too. I hope we get something from them or free stuff so everybody can have fun.

Walter Chow

I cannot believe this

Yes, this is such an annoying bug. Blizz, please do something about it.

Just played a game as “master” vs “bronze”. After the game I got Win (+2). This is a game breaking bug - I want to improve and fight stronger opponents, but no, the current system won’t allow me. I already have 14 wins vs 3 losses this season. Great.


I’ve just 2v2 thru 4v4. My teammates are like in the different mastery level again. Lost my points again.:flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:.

Walter Chow

Blizzard please fix this. I just played ranked first time in long while and it put me in master league even though I lost 3/5 placement matches and my mmr is smaller than the platinum level.

Back when I was actively playing I was only low tier platinum at best. Now? Gold or silver with how rusty my skills are.

Someone post an email we can spam this to.


having the same issue three seasons already. Support is doing nothing - they even said to me that I’m the only one having this issue and nobody else reported it. I’m really frustrated. My husband was placed into Masters with MMR 2806 and I have no problem to win over him. I am stuck in bronze 1 having MMR 2700 which was gold 1 in previous years. It seems that placement is completelly broken.

Please get it fixed already.

I was placed into master with an MMR of 1840 and 1/5 wins in placement. Something is definitely busted here.

Hey Everybody,

Still frustrated on the ranking system. Haha. Yeap I got the same problem here too. I think they are still locked us out cause they are doing competition still till the end of 2023.:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:.

Walter Chow

For those that don’t know, the ladder leagues have been bugged for years already. The MMR system itself still works (I think), but the league ranges are just random numbers sorted into acsending order. AFAIK there are no plans to fix this, because it only affects the bottom 67% of players and has no bearing on GM or tournament play. The last I heard, the ladder has been largely abandoned in order to focus on the co-op mode which is what actually generates income (through the micro-transactions) since the game became free to play (I could be wrong about this). It’s a reasonable business decision from Activision’s perspective, but as a result I don’t think there’s much hope for a fix before the acquisition by MS is finalized. This may take until the end of 2023 or even longer, because mergers between MNCs require approval from several governments (US, UK, EU, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Saudi are ones I know about, but probably several other governments are also included).

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