MMR Bugged. In Diamond but it is ranking me to Bronze 3

I am in Diamond league with an MMR of 3326 but the system is saying I am in danger of ranking down to Bronze!! I just won 3 or 4 games in a row and it is still sitting there in danger of bronze.

Have screenshots to share would include it but it doesn’t allow it.

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It is showing up as bugged for everyone except GM. They’ve had this issue since Friday.

Oh wow! That’s pretty widespread. It looks like they somehow messed up the MMR ranges. MMR of 4899- 4999 (which is the tier floor/ceiling the error message mentions) is around top tier 1 masters.

I saw a guy with 5100 mmr who had “bronze 2” mmr.

I know they usually adjust the mmr boundaries for each league at the start of the season but I’m not sure what’s going on this time around.

i have same problem have mmr for gold 1 but put me into bronze 3