MMR Boundaries Currently Distorted

After joining General chat, I viewed the profile of two users. One had an MMR of 2.9k and was in Bronze 1, while the other had an MMR of 2.0k and was in Silver 2. The lower end of the MMR boundaries are currently distorted. This has happened before as well, as indicated by this archived post:


Yep, good ol bug, and there’s a chance you can get a free master border to, but I think that might just be with the random race

I am currently having the same issue. Hence the reason I am here. I have the problem for all of them except for my Zerg. All of my stuff was put into bronze despite being gold or platinum MMR. At least my main, Z, is put in the diamond, as it should be at

same here, and had multiple in-game chats with fellow gold2s ranked bronze

Same here, my 1v1 and 2v2 profiles are sitting at 2.7K MMR, and both are being placed at Bronze 1.

I guess I should be thankful 2.6k at least got me Bronze 2.

I’ll one up you. I got bronze 1 for my toss and random. Only bronze two for my terran though. My zerg rank is just fine. I got where I am supposed to be with that. My other ones though are no where near where they are supposed to be.

I noticed that all of my 1v1 ranked races, in my ranking tier, my League promotion progress was dropped to the lowest level and I wasn’t able to change it and now I have been demoted in all of them. This is not the first time this has happened. Why is this happening and can you please fix it?!

Interesting… I was told (in the chat room) that this has happened before, and somehow it got fixed, but even it was fixed, it was not announced by the tech support team.

So, my question to those who had experience on this issue is: how can you tell when it is fixed? Or maybe not “fixed”, but when can you tell it is back to normal?

Still having the same problem. I finished plat last season, but now my portrait has the lovely bronze decor. And it’s funny, because I’ve been encountering more cheese than normal. I still get matched appropriately, but when the gold and plat players see my bronze border, they just assume I’m a bronze in placement, and a quick cheese will take care of me.

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Still happening, just played an off-race 1v1 placement, and got placed in Masters 3 with ~3200 MMR (Dia 3 range).

Does anyone from blizzard support even read these forums anymore? Between this bug (which has been happening on and off for years it seems), and the two weeks of server downtime over Christmas, it seems like Blizz truly is in “IDGAF” mode. SC2 is such a dope game, and still has a large and active community. Don’t do us like this Blizzard.


I seem to have experienced the opposite of many others, last time I played ladder I placed into Silver 2 and left off with an mmr of around 1800 then last night in my placement match for the new season I beat a 2400 mmr in a PvP which made him lose 200 points and I gained 88 putting me at 1900 something mmr which initially ranked me at Masters 3 which I think is waaay above my skill level as I can hardly even hot key control groups.

For me the same, In North America I get promoted to masters with every race that was not yet ranked

I finally got masters MMR for the first time today, and it has me at bronze 3 at risk of demotion. It’s annoying how much they neglect this game now.

I’m bringing this topic back up beacause it’s still not solved and it pisses me off, i face really vast difference in skill level i guess because of this. And being stomp by someone with 5 time your apm who is not smurfing is not really enjoyable.

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Just came back to the game this week. Last time I played I was plat, game put me in silver 3 and keeps matching me against gold and plat players.

This is happening again, for at least the third season in a row. Don’t you guys have an automated process for this sort of stuff?

I normally would temper my tone, but there is something seriously going wrong internally if you can’t maintain this stuff.