Microphone broken (MacOS, M1Max)

Battle.net tends to pick the wrong input/output device for voice chats. A quick preference change to any other device then back to “system default device” and things are fine. Minor issue I’d love fixed but whatever.

But now the mic isn’t being detected at all for any devices - built in mic to the laptop, AirPods, wired headphones. Output is fine. I can hear people chat fine. Game sound is also fine. MacOS is detecting the mic inputs fine but Battle net.

I’ve tried resetting mic permissions in the OS, updated battle net to the beta, updated the OS to MacOS 12.6 (21G115), totally uninstalled battle net (which usually resets things) to no avail.

A friend is having the same issue on an Intel Mac and on slightly different OS versions.

I’m out of ideas and would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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I thought I had found some success by turning off microphone permissions for Battle and SC in System Prefs > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab. Then turning back on. But this is a temp solution.

After an initial VC connection, chatting with a friend then disconnecting - not chanign my setup or even closing battle.net, then trying to reconnect in VC will break the microphone.

Temp solution:

  • Close battle.net
  • head to Activity monitor and force quit Agent task
  • Relaunch Battle.net and you’ll be good again for 1 VC chat

Thanks for the hint, I really hope that works.
BTW, I can confirm (as you wrote in your 1st message) that the issue is there also for Intel based Macs: since the last BNET update, the microphone does not work anymore, so goodbye voice chat. (Intel Mac Mini, Mac OS Monterey latest update).
I really hope here at Blizzard they will take care of this bug and therefore acknowledge that a voice chat with a microphone that doesn’t work has no reason to be there in the first place.
Thanks for you temp solution ShallowMind

Welcome Elrond!

For anyone wanting to clear BNet for a clean reinstall and not do it manually, try Appcleaner from freemacsoft. Run it, reboot, check mic security preferences and reinstall BNet and check mic settings again.

I still find the voice chat defaults to the laptop’s speaker/mic when it’s set to “system default” but at least I was able to start/stop voice chats 3 times without having to manually kill the Agent task.

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