Medivacs should be able to heal while moving?

new to the forums here.

What do you guys/gals think? it’ll be like how Battlecruisers attack while moving, but with medivacs.

I don’t think it would be OP at all, just kinda help a shmugin.


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This would be a change that creates convenience. I’m all for it

orrrr add medics back and they can heal while moving. since they move on the ground and have to fit into medivacs I have a hard time seeing this as a broken thing.

Bad ideas.

This would drastically change the balance of the game, allowing terran bio, which already has insane dps, to become significantly more robust.

If a mechanic in a video game is beneficial, there has to be a reason you don’t always do it, or some obstacle in the way. Macro cycles take attention and APM. Micro takes APM and skill. But more fundamental to the game,

Tanks can’t move when sieged, you sacrifice mobility for range and splash damage.
Stim costs health. Otherwise, you’d just hold down the stim hotkey.
And medivacs can’t move and heal at the same time. Falling back or charging forward, or just stutter stepping, are both sacrifices to the robustness of your army, as it should be. I can’t imagine trying to break a bio ball that’s getting constant heals while it’s stutter stepping infinitely.

It would be instantly OP.

I believe it’s entirely possible like a lot of asks for the community, but why are they going to listen to you?

Create a separate control group with medivacs then ctrl a on your units then control a on a single unit on your army so it can heal while u shutter step. Its a mundane task i know but try it.