Maximum publish space for editor

I’ve noticed in the past that before I publish a map, it tells I have a total amount of 315MB space for this account on each region. However, my new map will go over this limit (After adds up other 2 maps). I’ve seen some editors with multiple maps that should have a total size greater than 315MB. Is it possible to rise the limit or even remove it?

I believe that they were able to get a larger amount of space by asking a Blizzard employee to increase the amount of space that they had. Now this is pretty much impossible, since there’s like only 1-2 people in Blizz’s SC2 department, and IDK if they’d do something like that.

What you can do is use dependency mod files as well as map files. Mod files are great for holding custom assets like models, textures, and music so that they can only be uploaded once instead of in all of your maps, saving space.

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