Mass Void ray So powerful

I can just build mass void ray, moving speed fast, easily to beat all level AI, any suggestion how to counter mass void ray?

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zerg: queens into hydras into viper/corruptor (vipers = a ton of micro) or hydra/infestor (both fungal and the new ability microbial shroud)

terran: thor/widow mine? marine/medivac/widow mine? (drilling claws!)
emp can also help but harder to micro

protoss: archons + storm + 2-3 sentries for guardian shield and mass expand with cannon / shield battery to get more gas or maybe archon/voidray/storm

though you can kinda mass anything that is not slow zerglings to just stomp the AI if you macro well

Terran probably the easiest with vikings, just don’t get caught with primsatic alignment, thors will probably not do to badly either with the splash mode.

Zerg is a bit more tricky but parasitic bomb will be the big one, since coruptors are meant to be countered by void ray.

Protoss is probably were they will be the strongest, Protoss have poor AA to begin with and so you either go templar with storm or try and outnumber his void rays.

Early on, stalkers with 1-2 sentries to reduce dmg, phoenixes works as well if you opened stargate, but the real counter is high templars for storm, they’re sorta like protoss mutas that tends to stack up.
Always try to scout to know if the enemy expanded or how many stargates he has, you need to punish whatever greedy decicions he went, you don’t want to be facing 7+ voids, which it’s where it gets scary.

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Sorry no, vikings aren’t the answer to voids. They get horribly outmatched.

not rely without prismatic alignment (at which point you can just disengage) voids don’t do so hot against vikings. And with 9 range the alpha strike should go to the terran which with equal investment has quiet the effect.

naw babe, have you tried viking vs void ray battles? it doesn’t work
9 range is something, but against speedrays, they’ll just outfly the vikings and follow them with their ongoing attack buddy. no kiting is possible in that situation

Just ran the unit test on equal supply vikings win unless they get caught by prismatic alignment, at which point they can disengage since void are slower. Flux veins only affects the movement speed not the speed voids get set to with prismatic alignment.

Yeah… they’re faster. Voids have a 6 range +2 when they’re locked on. So basically they can fly on top of the Vikings and then use prismatic alignment.

Except at that point they are slower then the vikings again and the vikings can retreat out of range.

except at that point most of the vikings are dead

Your Proof?

20 Chars

Thors with Javelin :rofl:Oooo maaaan goldleager pls … just read forum, dont comment!

Void Rays are dangerous only when maxed out or close to it.
Otherwise it is very easy to spot someone planning to build mass void rays - walling it with cannons, early Oracle etc. And when you know somebody is going to build Voids is fairly easy to beat that if you don’t take too long.

Sorry but that’s not true, I recommend you checking beastyqt videos mass void rays to grandmaster.
Voids rays at their current state are an incredibly strong option, you can just snipe bases and recall to your base, they are extremely hard to intercept with the speed upgrade, then defend with canons, batteries, mothership and storms and recall voids rays… it is viable in early game too, the only hard counter is a cheese / rush with marines or zerglings or stalkers.

@ Hyperiön
Buddy have you faced this situation before in a ladder match ? Vikings are a poor option against Voids, the only reason is that they are slower so they cannot intercept the voids. Because they are slower, Voids can evade them if necessary, or decide to engage when they want, meaning Vikings are really vulnerable if they are not on top of the marines.
To be honest I don’t know what a good answer as terran would be, I think the best is to attack with cyclones early game when you scout too many voids, then use locks on Voids. And you have to keep the fight happening at the protoss base so that the voids don’t go out. Once they start to go out and fly everywhere and snipe bases, this is over.

interesting. I was wondering who was streaming or promoting this. No wonder I’m seeing more voids in games.

Yeah get yourself shield upgrades if you spot a void ray skytoss style.
the archons/storm /w batteries works.

Marines with stim also trade well against voids. I haven’t tried the new Thors versus them, but I assume they work as long as you have marines to take the brunt of the damage.

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maybe in PvP… but Zerg and especially terran murder the hell out of mass VR.

PvP, don’t make storm against voids, come on guys. Just go archons or Phoenix (or both).