Mass BC Counter

I’m a Zerg noob playing Unranked. How do you counter mass BC? Mass Corruptors?

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yes. mass corruptors.
the other viable option is queen-infestor-sporecrawler, but that requires sick micro.

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You could also need vipers, to abduct the BCs so it’s easier to snipe the BCs while minimising incoming damage. It requires moderate knowledge of using them as simple micro can easily get them killed.

Yes, mass corruptor, and dont forget the upgrades!

If terran also use window mines, add some few Broodloards.

You can also try hydra/infestor/nydus
→ You need burrow and both infestor upgrades as well as both hydra upgrades and evo chamber upgrades so a lot of gas. (Usually only works, if you started with hydras - like ling/hydra or ling/bane/hydra or roach/hydra.)
→ spread overlords on the map so you can see the BCs teleporting / arriving and have a few nydus networks ready.

  • Unload, burrow infestors, a-move hydras, spam neural parasite with the burrowed infestors (rapid fire!)

As said before: The easiest way to fight mass BC is corruptors but hydra/infestor is more efficient, if you can micro a bit - mostly 2 control groups / adding units to different control groups and the burrow + “rapid fire” spam with neural parasite).

  • You can train this on the arcade map “unit tester lotv online”

If you want to go really advanced (a lot of micro training!), you could go corruptor (a lot) / infestor (like 2-3) / ravager (like 16):

  1. a-move corruptors
  2. repeat this a few times: 2-3 fungals, then use rapid-fire spam of biles (ravagers)
    → fungal = slows down BCs a lot so biles will hit most of the time and they also can’t teleport away

Counter BCs? You don’t, don’t waste your time. Just go for an all-ground army at that point and steamroll his structures.

You will lose every game against mass bc even 3-4 bc. Zerg has no response for this unit. Because Bc will kill your all drones until you make mass corrupter. Tell this designers not us but designers are designing the game balance with pro players not casual players. So if you are not constantly playing (per day 20-30 match) you will lose most match and stay medium leagues

A lot of complicated answers here but unless you’re Master level or above mass corruptors will do just fine. Preferably try to scout his base with an overlord pretty early on for a fusion core so that the BC teleporting in doesn’t catch you off guard.


Attack upgrades are important for your corruptors, some ravagers are nice as well if you can control both.