Maps over consuming memory

Hello, I am facing a problem, some custom maps have a special behavior:
As the time passes the maps start to get heavy and have brief pauses every few seconds, when I save the game it takes too much time to finish saving and loading a saved game take unusually longer time , eventually map crashed after 1 hour of game play displaying error message out of memory.

When I checked the saved games files I find them extremely large and with each save larger than the previous in which the largest one just before the crash sized 490 MB. It seems some data in the map don’t get cleared and accumulates over time.

Where should I investigate to fix this ? events in triggers section ? somewhere saving variables ?

Generally memory gets used up by storing large amounts of variables (which internally also means units and buildings and such). It’s difficult to say for sure without knowing the custom map itself, can you give me a description of one?

I fixed that issue, it was caused by a non terminated trigger