Map to map loading is not working

Hello Blizzard staff. I hope you are doing well.

Here is my bug report com/file/d/17BwqZWDXMUff4pEpfXt5y8nstog3hVFG/view?usp=sharing

I made it in Microsoft Word, sorry, hope that is OK.

Check if all maps have the same variant and player slots assigned.

All of the maps have the same variant and player slots assigned – they are simply the 1v1 ladder maps re-uploaded to my PTR account.

Maybe you cannot use this feature for ladder/melee maps, maybe they have to be marked as Arcade.

Maps marked as Arcade still do not work.

I tried changing the Victory and Defeat player groups to different values and still run into the same error.

OK – we found out the problem is that it does not work with .SC2Mod files. It only works on .SC2Map files.

Will it always be this way or should I hold out for some kind of fix …? I think I’ll assume the former … :frowning:

Which SC2Mod files are causing problems for you?