MacOS 12.5 - Suddenly no sound

Was fine last night, started game this morning and I have no sound/audio at all. I’ve tried checking all my OS sound settings, checked all the game sound settings, reinstalled - nothing has fixed. Not using headphones, just built-in speakers.


Me too! Installing 12.5.1 to see if it fixes it

Any luck? I’ve found it works with headphones plugged in, but not with built in speakers.

This happened to me too.

I have upgraded to Mac OS 12.6 and it still hasn’t returned.

I updated to the latest patch ( and it still doesn’t work.

I even uninstalled SC2 via the client and reinstalled it and it still doesn’t work.

Anyone have any solutions?

The only solution I have found is to plug in headphones and fiddle with the sound settings - then somehow it works (but only through headphones). The minute I unplug them the sound is broken again with no options to select outputs.

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Same here. On 12.6, and sound goes out after the first run. Reinstalling Monterey helps but this is my third time already. Gettign old doing this.

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