M3t@ Overlord, Overload? unbalanced?

I won’t waste time, but, with enough minerals and time in-game.

-The uncapped overlord as a unit? may lead to unbalanced and unfair processing power advantages? going towards a Zerg player using extra end-game income on pure overlords,
even a massing and slowing down the game for others?

Can you look at this? b/c I started realizing this working with the wall-in and terrans.
turrets auto overlords while flanked, those supply units are a mere 100min.
and they don’t stop being produced at SUPPLY CAP.
like units to cover clicks and CREEP anything.

I have not put this to extremes but with the minerals available, we could be talking
130/200 army and 1000000/200 overlords additionally? game freeze or break?

ok. so I kind of strategize and enjoy SC2 for that, I am submitting this for the stability, of further play. I consider myself a “patch note” reader, and ‘patcher’ rather than some exploitive ‘hacker’… so submitted.

Umm, while you do overlords!!!

  • Can you look at overseers the morph overlords, ability called “contaminate”,
    IT DOESN’T stop bunkers or turrets or much of anything.
    It’s grey goop, is just useless and fails… try to use it! like even its duration.
    it would be ideal for turret jumping, or CC in cannon defense to stop firing. (CC d are strong) given it really disables something.
  • Lastly, infestors can mind-control workers like probes to build them a second supply cap? is that measured on HUD?
    like a probe only needs a warp-in of a nexus. but… that’s the last, bug I found.

I’m R4kC00N,
I’ve had an account for years and played SC1. (when mass hydra was born.)
been experimenting with M3t@ ever since… strategy.

G’luck hf. gg.