Lothar Party (UPDATE! 6-1-2022)

UPDATE (6-1-2022): Patch 0.14 is live to address some urgent playability issues. Two new mini-games have replaced previous ones, and some others have revised level layouts, in addition to various fixes, balance adjustments and optimizations.

Lothar’s knights are arguing over who is his “right hand” so he hosts a contest to see who is worthy!

America: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/308661
Europe: battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/216580
Asia: battlenet:://starcraft/map/3/131785

Lothar Party is a frenzied free-for-all mini-game contest for up to 12 players. Follow the instructions and win as many rounds as possible. Are you worthy to win Lothar’s tutelage?


  • Chaotic, tumultuous combat & mayhem
  • 25 mini-games + alternate levels
  • Level editor for creating custom levels (“tutorial” feature)


  • Age of Imbalance: Choose a Hero, and destroy your opponents. You can attack tents to gain troops. Make use of the Fountain of Maximum Mana if you can.
  • Blackrock and Roll: Race to the finish. You can use Reckless Strike for mobility, or you can mount a wolf for extra health and move speed.
  • Blink Canyon: Race to the finish with your Blink ability. Blink has a very short cooldown.
  • Clash of Clods: Gather ogres and smash your opponents. Your killing blows grant you more troops, so use your Shockwave effectively.
  • Clockwork Calamity: Race to the finish before time runs out. These labyrinths have no hazards, only a strict time limit.
  • Doom Guard Escape: Sneak past the Doom Guards to the finish. Shadowmeld when needed, and avoid the demons’ crippling magic.
  • Early Morning Brawl: Destroy your opponents using your Brewmaster abilities. Certain abilities disorient you little-by-little.
  • Gorebear Gully: Sneak past the violent gorebears to the finish. You can use a dead fish to distract (or direct) the foul brutes.
  • Glaive Masters: Toss bouncing glaives to destroy your opponents. Before long, you may want to forget the competition and focus on survival only.
  • Hammer Ball: Smack the ball(s) into your opponents (or vice versa). Hitting a hammer ball gives you a temporary shield and a permanent damage bonus.
  • Mountain Valley Dash: Race to the finish. Use your Sprint ability to gain a temporary advantage, but don’t exhaust yourself too much.
  • Murders in the Rue Morgue: Race to the finish. Use your Barricade ability to stop incoming projectiles or block other players.
  • Murloc Crossing: Race to the finish. Your Slimy Coat ability grants move speed and breaks snares.
  • Nightmare Escapade: Dash to the finish. Your weapon is weak and you must find a way past powerful enemies.
  • Orcs On Ice: Slide to the finish. While on ice, you have almost no friction.
  • Paladin Quest: Fight your way to the finish using your paladin abilities. Barrels sometimes contain useful items.
  • Poacher Valley: Shoot your way to the finish. Dodge or use cover to mitigate ranged attacks.
  • Rat Maze: Navigate a rat’s maze while dodging hazards. You have no abilities and you die in one hit, so be careful.
  • Rise of the Necromancer: Destroy your opponents with your undead magic. If you’re in trouble, press E to gain shield.
  • Sludge Match: Destroy your opponents with your area attacks. When your character dies, it splits into smaller creatures, and after several times it finally disintegrates.
  • Stampede: Race to the finish. There are no safe zones, so move quickly!
  • Storm Bolt Storm Bolt Storm Bolt: Choose an ability, and destroy your opponents. Storm Bolt is the recommended option.
  • Tanks For Nothing: Grab a tank and destroy your opponents. If it’s too dangerous, there are bombs you can grab, too.
  • Trail of Tears: Fight your way to the finish. Use your Tauren Chieftain abilities to clear a path before you are overrun.
  • What’s Mines Are Yours: Plant mines and destroy your opponents. You can find upgrades from the surrounding rubble.

Lothar Party has a few hidden commands. In the main game, you can press Escape to vote to skip a round, which passes if all but one player presses Escape. In the level editor, Ctrl+A selects all objects of a type, and Ctrl+R replaces one selected type of object with another. Ctrl+L grants access to a few extra objects.

Lothar Party’s “roadmap” of upcoming features (in order of priority):

  • New mini-games, and continued reevaluation/expansion of existing ones
  • More alternate levels with greater variety in design/layout
  • Overarching “main” mode not unlike the default mode in Mario Party
  • Solo-compatible cooperative “challenge” mode
  • Greater control over custom level rotation (including “categories”)
  • Random level generator

Development on Lothar Party is currently inactive.


  • AI is not great. (AI is not a top priority, but it exists for testing purposes, and having some semblance of functional solo play. Don’t expect radical improvements to the AI any time soon.)
  • Awkward abilities. (As a half-measure to achieving the “quick-cast” feature as seen on Heroes of the Storm (which is simple to “hack” in SC2 but it’s laggy), I’ve designed some characters’ abilities based on unit facing. As it stands, it may be better to just use the tried-and-true 2-action style, though if SC2 were to receive a similar “quick-cast” feature that would be mazel tov!)
  • Can’t micro groups of units. (I personally do not want to wrestle with unit selection mechanics whatsoever, but some exceptions may be in order.)
  • Somewhat unfair and/or inconsistent level design.
  • Units can get knocked out-of-bounds.

From lofty bastion’s haven high
To lifeless valley’s lightless sky
For what doth man travail and die?
No time for that…it’s Hammer Time!!

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Glad to see you’re still rocking new maps! I loved the hell out of your Uther Party dude!

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Hey, thanks! And right on. I indeed rocked the hell out of this one, because SC2 deserves it (though it remains in an incomplete state).

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