Lost Viking bricked my pc on victory twice

So I’ve decided to jump back into Starcraft again to go back and finish the campaigns on brutal and 100% it, ofc that means finishing lost viking too.

The game runs perfectly fine but my problem occurs in the victory screen, as the win UI appears, my pc just breaks down mashing up the audio from all sources and greying out the screen completely. In this state its completely unresponsive and requires a hard reboot. This has happened twice now once when I first beat it and then immediately after when I went back in to beat it again to make sure I got the achievements, which fortunately I had. This seems to be guaranteed for me on victory as I have recreated it multiple times in a row without it working successfully.

I have my game set to ultra settings and I played the arcade game as soon as it was available progression wise.

-PC specs-

Intel I7-6700K @ 4GHz


GTX 980ti

Windows 10