Lost stas in "Zombie World: Unity test"

Hi, i lost all my kills an special points on arcade map - Zombie World: unity test
I had all heroes an at special points i had full from damage to energy regen
my name in game is nephyu
my ID is Nephyu0
Please help me

Have you changed your computer recently, delete some files, or something like that?

Just saying, Support Team will probably be unable to help you - Activision is not responsible for Arcade Games, you need to rely on players’ help.

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I reinstall windows, so I guess that bank file was deleted
I know that they are not responsible, I’m not looking for someone to blame, I just want to see if is possible to resolve this situation.
All the kills and special points where collected in like 1 year of playing
So, if someone knows how can I resolve this situation, please help

I have little experience in such technical cases, but the idea is to recover back-up of bank file.

If you cannot find any way to do so, you could consider asking someone you know in-game, to “cheat” their bank file to you. But I am not able to guide you through the process. Maybe other forum people will be able to aid you better.

You may also consider asking on some general PC/technical forum about recovering files.

Bank files are stored in individual computers, Activision has no back-ups of it on their servers.
Good luck.

Just to echo what Dallarian said, Arcade data is stored locally.

It’s analogous to stored photos: if they are not backed up before a wipe/OS install, they are unfortunately lost. :frowning:

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To add on to Leviathan, since this is a map issue, you need to take it up with the map creator. Activision doesn’t really do much in terms of this kind of stuff. If you have lost points, the map creator should be able to have you in game and then credit you points, etc. However, that is dependent on:

  • Whether they bother to build such a feature and give themselves admin rights.
  • Whether they want to do that for you.

It is entirely in their hands.

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