Liberator and Siege Tank siege up time

I was wondering if there should be an upgrade just like for Thors / Hellions / Vikings, but made for s tanks and Libs just to make them more viable on the front lines cos it takes them waay too long to deploy in the field.

Opinions, no rage / hate / dumb stuff pls :))

There is an upgrade - it’s called “scouting ahead”. (single marines spread around the map - without or without a stim - and scans)

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Protoss have no deployable units and zerg have an upgrade for their siege units - Lurkers - to burrow twice as fast, why should terran not have something similar as well ?

Because the tanks have 13 range and even high single target dps in normal mode


if lib and tank are buffed this way, ghost must be nerfed in order to balance the game

I think currently ghost’s strength is balanced. However, as many zerg players complain, ghost literally is the answer of so many late game zerg units . A balanced game is not necessarily a fun game to play. We need diversity of unit composition

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