Let's hope Microsoft revives this game when they own ABK

It’s a disgrace that this game is on maintenance mode.

Is it really that hard for you to release some new battle passes with skins or advertise this game ?

StarCraft 2 is easily the best RTS of all time in my opinion. There is nothing like this game, with it’s pacing and strategy.

Look at what Microsoft has done with the Age of empires series, the support that aoe2,3 and even 4 gets is fantastic. Let’s see something similar for StarCraft under Microsoft.

As someone who missed all the battle passes and stuff in this game I’m sad. I played when it first released and played each expansion but I returned to this game just after the plug was pulled.

Cmon Microsoft, Phil Spencer, team Xbox, you have a masterpiece on your hands. Don’t let it rot like this stupid company here.


Yeah I hope MS revives their “legacy” products too. Blizzard is utterly incompetent when it comes to IP management.

Look at the recent diablo 2 season, it’s laughable

Microsoft is going to be the best thing to ever happen to blizzard. MS loves to support games long term

Microsoft is closing in on a deal to buy Activision Blizzard by October 13

Saw that (didn’t check the detailed source), the day of answers is approaching, though it’s likely to be later than the 13 of course, but it’s a checkpoint.

based on the news i have seen, it does seem that the starcraft series is a part of the deal. maybe we could finally see starcraft 2 on xbox.

Yes, Microsoft has bought Activision Blizzard. The owner of Starcraft 2 is Microsoft.

Yes, let’s hope that Microsoft intends to open up the Warchests, as well as start improvements to Sc2.

Also I would like to see a Starcraft 3. It could be interesting with some missions back in the time when the Xel’naga ruled.

It could also be interesting to play a fourth race. It could be added that the new campaigns take place in the time after Amon’s defeat.
A highly advanced fourth race takes a shortcut to our galaxy via a wormhole, and sees opportunities to dominate the milky way. The three races must once again put their differences behind them and work together to survive.