Let us put old (excess) mastery >90 lvl into good use

Some people suggest allowing players to spend (start from 90) 100/ or less or who knows mastery level to unlock 1 Prestige.

IMO this feels like a better way rather than force-grinding.

Edited: I suggest 25/30 mastery LVL/ 1 Prestige.


Do you have the stats on how many people are over 100, 200, or 300? They aren’t making these prestige just for the people who are seasoned players.


  • Prestige requires you to level up your commanders again, which you need to play around <13 games on brutal to achieve that.

  • You gain mastery level by playing the game for a long long time. Especially the amount of games you need to put effort into for mastery lvl 100 > you need to hit lvl 15.

Do I have to continue?