Legends of the Void RPG (Official)

Hello friends!,

I would like to make a thread for my map here to get further feedback, suggestions and bug reports. Any response will be appreciated. I have worked on this map for 5 years but it was originally created under the title: Deadlands RPG: Valhalla. Legends of the Void RPG can be played now on America, EU and Korea servers now. Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

Game Link : battlenet://starcraft/map/1/248286
Game State : Alpha
Email : LOTVrpg@yahoo.com
Genre : RPG/Base Defense
Version : 2.32

Game Story : Your planet has been devastated by a war between three hostile factions. Under the command of Captain Reznor, the remaining survivors of the war establish an outpost in the Devilthorn Forest to defend against the attacks of their enemies. After being rescued by Reznors men in the Dead Wastelands, you were taken to the medical lab to recover from your injuries. The voice of a mysterious being calls out to you in your dreams. You awaken from your rest, and find out that the outpost will soon run out of supplies and they will need your help. Do you have what it takes to become the next Legend of the Void?

Game Info :
1-5 Player RPG
Maximum level: 75
12 Heroes To Choose From
Auto-Saved Heroes
500+ Equippable Items
44 Outpost Missions
Defend The Outpost
Defeat all Bosses
Battle Champions of the Arena
HOTS/LOTV Required to Play

You and your allies must help the Outpost fight back the forces of evil that has destroyed this planet. Complete all missions, defend the outpost and defeat all enemy bosses to save them from destruction.

Choose between 12 different current heroes. You can be either Tank, DPS or a Healer class. Each Area has its own boss and a few missions you must eliminate to advance to the next area. There is also an Arena where you can face a different set of bosses and even PVP other players. Much more updates to the arena including better loot and more bosses to come. All Heroes save automatically and can be loaded at any time with the Hero Reselection Portal.

Latest updates:
Weapon Enhancements - can be added to your attacks that save permanently which will cost some terrazine to get.
New Outpost Defense buffs added to Engineer Creed
Loot recycle system - now working, gear will no longer stay on ground forever… instead will disappear in 1:30 if not picked up (reduce lag)
Mastery Buff - Heroes now get for every 500 kills that increases hero damage by 50 and other stats.
Bonus Stat point System - extra attribute points have been added to Heroes to boost INT, STR, PSI, AGI, STA.
Hero Safe Container - Personal Player containers have been added next to the Reselection portal to safely give items to your other Heroes. (temp storage)
Veteran Bonus Rewards - Now all level 75 heroes will give all your other heroes 5 bonus stat points to use. Must load each 75 hero at least once to activate.
Major Mission Updates - Most missions are being updated with more detail and minimap pings for help. No more automatic missions, more npc interaction per area.


Hi there, i’ve recently begun playing this map again. My old save files were lost so i had to restart and relevel my characters. I would like to give a point that it’s much easier to level up and farm items as long as you know what you’re doing which is a plus. The story from start to finish, Act 1 to Act 4 takes about 2 hours to finish. Something i do have to criticize is that only Player 1 seems to be able to interact with NPC’s to progress the story, i can only say that this seems like a terrible design that could be abused.

Due to recent events and plenty of time i’ve maxed all characters and have noticed a discrepancy between the races. Protoss is the strongest race and other than a note on how the charge ability seems a bit awkward on the force knight everything seems mostly fine. Terran while not as strong as protoss can still easily clear the map of all bosses and progress through the story. Zerg i find is by the weakest race in comparison to the other 2, mostly due to abilities.

In terms of classes, i believe Tank’s are by far the weakest they lack a fair bit of dmg and their tank abilities seem lacking in comparison of any type of aoe dmg ability or self buff ability that are available to damage dealers or healers. I believe it would be better if Tanks could make use of their higher health pools to have abilities that could exhange HP for a powerful dmg ability or a powerful self buff. Healers are also seem quite lacking in terms of being a healer. Any type of heal, summon ability and buff ability seem too limited. Their aoe damage abilities seem just the same as any other class but that only highlights their lacking healer ability even more. I would love it if perhaps the heal amount, dmg of summons, HP and armor of summons could scale a bit through attributes. I would also like it if the healing could perfectly affect all allies. For example as the Ash templar it seems that i am able to use Recharge to heal the shields of the Thors and Immortals but if i were to attempt to use Plasma Surge while it could restore the shields of marines and zealots it does not seem to affect Thors or Immortals.

As for the story and game play itself i can only say that perhaps it’s a bit short and lacking. To a maxed character all the bosses are weak in comparison and there is only a fear of attack waves killing Captain Reznor, our sole weakness. Act 4 especially seem the most lacking, after killing the final enraged beast there is absolutely nothing after. I would like to have something to strive for after completing the story, Hero mastery was quite nice but even that seemed quite short, i would of liked to see perhaps a few secret quests, items, heros, and bosses you can unlock only if you have put in the time. You could also perhaps make use of a reborn/reincarnation system to allow players to reset their levels for bonus attributes or abilities.

I would also like to point out that for one, while Heros max level is now 75 the gear level is only around 60-62, secondly, level 60-62 gear varies greatly between the races and availability. I can’t seem to be able to find much of any level 60-62 godly gear for the protoss and zerg races. There also don’t seem to be much lvl 60-62 accessories for the races and while some of those accessories from the arena store and the boss drops are okay the rest are severally lacking and it would be better to simply make use of lvl 40ish-52 accessories.

I don’t remember the specifics but some of the gear between the level of 32-47 don’t seem to work as intended for the 3 races. While the gear says one thing the actual affect on the char is completely different. Some items seem to have had their attribute bonuses and level requirements switched with another piece of gear. There also seems to be one of two pieces of gear at that level that don’t work entirely.

In terms of bugs i’ve only noticed a few. There was a game where a player was unable to sell or drop any items.I do not know the reason for this bug nor it’s actual solution but it seems if you were to give control to another player to help you sell or drop items it would fix it. Another bug is after death, the abberation seems to sometimes enter a state where no player including myself could click on the actual character, if you were to lose the ctrl group for some reason you would be unable to take ctrl of your character and would have to remake the game. The final bug or perhaps a misunderstanding by me, is that the Dark Hybrid’s Noxious Creep ability doesn’t seem to work as intended. While the slow part does seem to work the damage part seems missing, whether the ability is supposed to increase the dmg taken by enemies or 35% damage taken, neither seem to happen. Another i’m unsure if it is a bug or intended is that the mini-map seems to reset a lot, after a cutscene or just after some time the mini-map is reset and all previous explored locations vision is gone.

This is my review and bug report of the game, i’ve reviewed the map in game as well but there isn’t enough of a character count for me. I sincerely hope you are able to read this and update/change the map. I sincerely hope this map can become something great that i can play with other players.

Thank you sir for the feedback! I know of some of the bugs and will be attempting to fix in future updates. The abberration bug is fixed now. Some of these like vision darkness each game day was intentional but if unliked can be corrected. I do plan on letting all players control dialog and cutscenes skips. Act 4 ends abruptly because I want to add another act to finish the story. I have currently downsized the exp base to make room for more levels. Possibly level 100 cap if people play. The gear bugs is tedious bit will be fixed. I do need to balance all abilities which is the most challenging to me. Due to current real life events my job is taking alot of my time but I will get to updates as much as I can! Thanks again

Well, just a bug report/question: I can’t seem to figure out how to actually start any of the story quests as I can’t get Reznor to do anything. In each of the merchant areas the camera shifts and locks allowing me to select an NPC, but in the center with Reznor, that does not occur. I figure it’s something akin that in order to interact with an NPC, you need to be able to deselect the hero but I can’t figure out how to do that…

After loading your hero look for NPCs with a green question mark above their head. Standing next to them or nearby and left clicking on them will activate the offered mission.

Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

I may remove the camera locking in shop areas if it’s annoying to people. :slightly_smiling_face: