Legacy of the Void epilogue confusion

I am new to Starcraft and I have completed the campaigns but the Epilogue in Lotv with Kerrigan and Raynor is confusing for me. When Sarah showed up in the bar where Raynor is alone and they left is confusing as I thought that Sarah died in the last mission. Was that what Jim hallucinated or was it the real Kerrigan. I am new here and I thought to ask in the Forums because I was really confused at the end


Kerrigan didn’t die. She just used her power to kill Amon.

What happens at the end is pure speculation for some people. Some say it’s true and Kerrigan came back for Jimmy. Others say Raynor is so depressed it’s a metaphor for suicide. Either way, Kerrigan is alive and is a Xel’Naga, and Jimmy is nowhere to be found.


ah, that makes sense, I was a bit confused on the whole ending, as well, XD

Interesting but I do not think that jimmy killed himself otherwise his body would have surely been found. I am really interested if this was real or jimmys hallucinations because xel-naga can change Forms

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Advice about Epilogue.

Acknowledge it exists, but don’t think about it.

Kerrigan and Raynor no longer interfere with the world and that’s it.

Kerrigan didn’t die that for sure. The moment when Amon goes down was quite volatile for any being that is not Kerrigan so everybody evacuates.

As for the last bit. If we look at the game theme, then she is probably send some hallucination to Raynor. In order to lure him to do her bidding. The fact that nobody sees Raynor ever again heavily suggests that the mission is a rather covert one. Either that or simply in some remote location hunting some ancient artifact.

Keep in mind, since Kerrigan is a Xel’Naga, they could have gone to a host of places that conventional species can’t access. It’s entirely possible they simply went and settled somewhere alone.


And finally left the Koprulu. Enough is enough.

WoW. You really hate the couple, huh?

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Can you blame him?



Actually not as much as you would think, but that story is closed. Going any further with those two is just asinine.

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I’m sure I’m not the only one

When Ouros offered to have Kerrigan ascend to XelNaga, the look on Raynor’s face is like oh hell no you want to turn her into Elephant Woman? That is far too challenging to hit.

And then she becomes Jean Grey and the look on his face says oh yeah no this I can work with.


I am always amazed at Jim’s frustrated face, “I can handle some spines, calluses, muscle exposed muscle but a space elephant is too much-”

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Even his protest is all like, Sarah no you don’t have to do this, you don’t have to let them mutilate you again (Translation: Please Sarah, can you consider my feelings in all of this? Your body but I have to look at it)

Which is funny because she mutilated herself willingly in HotS.

He was pretty cheesed off about that at first.

Then went back to being in love the next mission.

My belief is that Kerrigan “used up” her Xel’Naga powers after destroying Amon and then seeding new worlds with life. The last of her power was used to become human again and run off into the sunset with Jim. It could be that instead of running dry she forsook the power.


His opinion softened when he realized she wasn’t the same Queen of Blades, despite her appearance.

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The epilogue reminds me much of the Sc BW epilogue:“Raynor and Zeratul went their separate ways and have never been heard from again.”

In short, no. Kerrigan didn’t die killing Amon, Jim didn’t go insane and commit suicide, he wasn’t maipulated by a powerful being into suicide. This isn’t Diablo. It was either Kerrigan in her Jean Grey goddess form coming to him looking like he remembers her most fondly, or sending him a vision where to meet her. And they are together living a happily ever after…Untill (or rather if) StarCraft III comes. If StarCraft III comes (doubt it) I’m 99% certain we’ll be seeing Jim again, not sure about Kerrigan, but I’ possitive about Raynor and the Raiders.