Learning multiprong. How?

Im trying to learn multiprong as terran. Currently 3200 mmr, and about 500 games. and i think its time to learn multiprong aggression. Anyone got any tips in how to practise it? Im not looking for build orders here, but rather putting pressure on main and third while i attack nat.

I play mech and love it. What i usually do is just shift-click d a move 1 viking per mineral line, and try to time my attack accordingly. BUT this destroys MY macro everytime since i tunnel-vision. Hence the question;
How do i practise multitasking as terran?

Simcitying while controlling hellions, tanks and vikings are really hard. All tips are welcome

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I do a macro drill, which at your level could still win but anyway.

Build only marines. Two groups one on hotkey 1 the other on 2 (or what ever you prefer).

So you practice macroing marines and moving around two armies. Do this a few games (in all match ups) and you will find you get more used to controlling two different areas with units. And going back and macroing.

The basic premise is that to work on something new (multi-prong) you need to eliminate some of the other tasks you normally do for this to be effective practice. Hit me up on Bnet for practice if you want. Tura 5390

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Wow, thanks mate! I will add you when i get the chance :smiley:

Wait, you do this in matches? With 100% marines?

I can win with it up to about 4100 mmr, but not in tvt usually, but sometimes.

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Wow, ill practise this and add you next time im on. Thanks mate!

Hey man! Just wanted to let you know i practised this about a week (nothing else), against AI. And now im diamond. Thanks a bunch, will continue to do this. Really helped me set up libs in main, while hellbats on fourth/third, as i enter the nat with tanks and the guy that says IM HEVY MEDL. :smiley:

Sic, I do it a couple games every other ladder session. I still think it is weird that my apm is higher in this than normal games. It takes out all the decision making.

Yea, it also really helps with automating macro

  1. Darglein’s Micro Trainer --> zerg --> 1a2a3a4a
    –> you can change the hotkeys of course (wherever you want to put your different forces at)
  2. Try to use camera location hotkeys, stop moving the screen with your mouse entirely if possible and use the shift key a lot.
  3. micro trainers in general - not to micro more but to use less time for the micro so you have more time to macro.
    (European server - most are on the Americas servers as well)
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Just try… You do it more and more and you get better
You should have been doing it since the beginning, all of the bronze to GM advice that says just macro and a move doesnt apply to bio terran
If you mech its fine, but otherwise its something you should always be doing

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Ive found that the “multitask trainer” under the arcade section is perfect for learning this, for anyone who was wondering. Also the only marine trick

I think you are on the right track here because the shift command will help you stack up instructions on units.

Buildings should be shift queued as well. Unfortunately there is no way around this. Though you need to take note that if you have enough experience, you will know whether the battle will be won or not with the army that you have. As a result, it will help you reduce the amount of attention you need to stay with your army and then give you a small breather room to return to base to build.

An unfortunate disadvantage that T has is that you cannot stutter step at 2 places at once. That is just a limitation that has been around since the start of RTS.

Well basically, multi-prong is synchronizing harassment so they attack at 2 places at the same time. What you can do is have your main army attacking the 3rd base and having a widowmine drop prepared at the main base of your enemy. First use main army, enemy will be distracted, then use widowmines. It’s a win win. If you snipe probes, good job :slight_smile: If you don’t, you disrupted their mining. If you snipe the base, you disrupted their economy by a huge amount. Multi-tasking is something different. I recommend using camera hotkeys and crtl groups. For instance, I spam crtl groups as a habit, not for APM. Personally, I use my CCs as 2, army as 1, prod as 3, scout scv as 4, Upgrades as 5, harassment 6-10. You will also have to learn to micro.

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I am also learning multiprong but i realized something important recently. If you know very confidently what you want to build at a given time you will be a lot faster to place down the building. So first i would practice the build that i am doing and know all the timings so i can Boom Boom slam down those buildings while, clicking on the nummber the medivac or units are assigned too. Also some macro hotkeys and control groups are VERY useful here. THis one is very useful for example. With alt + 2 you can deselect from control group and add to control group 2. Lets say you have a zealot runby in your main base. THis is a dillema because if you move your army there then the protoss will at the same time attack your base with his army. So you want to split some units against it fast. You select a small portion of bio just enough, then press alt + nummber to assign to new hotkey group and send them up there. Some micro tips like stutter stepping with marines or widow mine drops are very learnable even for people at your level. I would practice a lot with medivacs. Right clicking units into medivacs, widow mine droping, scaning for units then boosting away with the mediacs before stalker comes to kill it.