Ladder leagues messed up for 2 seasons straight

So leagues on ladder are messed up since 2 seasons already, please fix this or remove leagues completely and leave only MMR like in SC2, i have seen guys who started playing game and after losing 5 games they got placed in masters league, this is insanity. At this moment i am playing only vs diamonds, i have “gold” league and my profile shows that my mmr is on platinum 1 level.

Balance update would be sweet too, but i would rather see leagues and ladder fixed…

Please do care about players that still want to play your games and stick around… :frowning:

I think that Blizzard just cares, it’s just that since the original people left there were newer people invited into the job who either doesn’t know what to do or doesn’t care. Or, they are just focusing on different games that are more profitable atm.

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Last 2 seasons… Try the last 2 years or so…

Bug is fixed! Thank you Blizzard

Hey Guys,

My seasons stinks pretty bad cause none of my players matched my skills levels for the past 2 years. Also there were tons of map hacks and tons of cheating going on and players play unfairly.

Walter Chow​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

Hey Blizzard,

The game is completely broken.

Walter Chow