Lack of 1440p support

Is there going to be any update to 1440p support to this game? 1440p is basically the standard resolution for modern computers and this game still lacks basic support for it. Cool you can play 1080p and since your screen has to resize it screws up every single other window you may have open. It’s terrible, and I fully expect more from Blizzard. Well lets be truthful, I expected more from the Blizzard of the past but this is right in line with modern Blizzard. Maybe a 9.99 paid DLC for 1440p support? Or just 1440p support on phones?

It’s possible to play in 1440p, your problem is elsewhere (bad screen or bad graphic card, but not the 1440p resolution itself)

I am certain that Blizzard will not bring that feature to SC2. 10 year anniversary updates are likely the last they make. And yes, this game is 10 years old and the game engine is 10 years old. I don’t expect nothing

dear starcraft 2 creators your league matching system omg. I play this game since the beginnings and u ruined it. Its all just about sneaky moves and cheese play in 4vs4 and then i get only bad players at my side and loose loose loose. no teamwork no communication probably bots. You wanted us to be addicted we are but please offer more than bad feelings . Recreate the league and its bad matching algorithm. thx