Kill Hybrid Dominator in less than 10s

Artanis’s P3 - Arkship Commandant - adds an Unbound Fanatic (archon variant) to each of the Orbital Strike’s 5 strikes. For those who use this regularly, it is no surprise how powerful they are. I did a little digging out of interest sake, thought I’d share.

Unbound Fanatic

  • 1000SP / 10HP (interestingly 100SP/s regen :crazy_face:)
  • 34dmg (+17 light) over 1.75sec, 19.4DPS (+9.7DPS light)
  • Free radicals, 60dmg x 1.5radius per 1.5sec (coolup/down 1.5sec), 40DPS
  • Each lasting only 15sec

Orbital Strike

  • 50dmg (100 vs armored, not “+”)
  • 5 total strikes per cast (Unbound does not spawn if unplaceable - unknown bug)

Total Damage

  • 50dmg x 5 = 250dmg (250DPS essentially)
  • 60dmg radical x 5 fanatics x 10 shots = 3000dmg (200DPS x 15sec)
  • 34dmg x 5 fanatics x 8.5 attacks = 1445dmg (97DPS x 15sec)
  • 250 + 3000 + 1445 = 4695dmg
  • Solar Bombardment 400 x 15dmg = 6000dmg
    • Essentially, each 50 energy of OS = 78% of Solar Bombardment :+1:
  • Total DPS: 250 + 200 + 97 = 547 then 297 after 1st second

And that’s why Hybrid Dominator with 1500SP/1000HP dies to these badboiz approximately 7.5seconds. Okay, in practice a few seconds likely longer :stuck_out_tongue: :joy: because you’ll miss OS intentionally or not, free radicals not always hitting, etc.

Just interesting to see these numbers laid out in front of my eyes haha.


i thought it was gonna be dehaka → eat


I stopped caring about Hybrid Dominators as Artanis once I realised I could Feedback them. Same goes for Nova with her Ghosts and I suppose Mengsk.

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Ghosts, banelings, spider mines…etc.

Lol, the title is definitely not nearly as catchy as I hoped. A lot of things can kill/nullify hybrid dominator in less than 10s.

It was just the numbers themselves lol. Happy to take some suggestions to change it.

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Nah, you’re all thinking too small, Zeratul with 99 artifacts can do it in around a second.

You just made me wonder about something: could an unskilled player attempting to get 99 artifacts (thanks to the right map and an ally accepting to be an accomplice) actually fail due to triggering the SC2 engine bug where you lose if you spend more than 6 or 7 hours (I don’t remember the exact value) on a map?

I wonder how long a Hybrid Dominator last against a significant and at least 2 digits amount of Mengsk ESOs filled with troopers under Karax P1 Chrono Wave.
Hell I would even wonder how long the Hybrid of Part&Parcel last against that lol.