Kerrigan (Char) Hero

Wings Of Liberty

Anyone Know How To Make The Kerrigan (Char) Hero Die Through Triggers when Her Life Reaches 1 Health?

Because She Is An Invincible Hero And With That She can only Hit 1 Health And Never Die.

Thanks In Advance.

Have a trigger detect when she’s 1 HP, and at that time, remove all the behaviors and turn off all the triggers that prevent her from dying, and kill her.
I suppose that’s the way.

How Do You Do That?


Normal view (and not “raw”):

Kerrigan Death
        Unit -Kerrigan Life changes
    Local Variables
        ((Triggering unit) Life (Current)) <= 1
        ------- Disabling trigger managing Kerrigan revival and revolving around her
        Trigger -Turn Kerrigan Retreating from Low Life Off
        Trigger -Stop all instances of Kerrigan Retreating from Low Life
        Trigger -Turn Spawn Kerrigan Wave Off
        Trigger -Turn Kerrigan Attack Transmission Q Off
        Trigger -Turn Kerrigan Attack Taunt Q Off
        Trigger -Turn Kerrigan Deep Tunnel Q Off
        Trigger -Turn Kerrigan Ping Off
        Trigger -Stop all instances of Kerrigan Ping
        Trigger -Turn Kerrigan Gets a Kill Off
        Trigger -Turn Kerrigan Implosion Cooldown Off
        Trigger -Turn Kerrigan Omegastorm Cooldown Off
        Trigger -Turn Kerrigan Retreating from Low Life Off
        ------- Adding some events from Kerrigan revival trigger from her temporary removal that should apply here too
        Ping -Hide KerriganPing
        AI -Remove Kerrigan from all waves
        AI -Enable script control for Kerrigan
        ------- Remove immortality behavior, and kill her
        Behavior -Remove All TValerian03 - Queen Of Blades - Don't Die from Kerrigan
        Unit -Kill Kerrigan

Script view:

// Trigger: Kerrigan Death
bool gt_KerriganDeath_Func (bool testConds, bool runActions) {
    // Automatic Variable Declarations
    // Conditions
    if (testConds) {
        if (!((UnitGetPropertyFixed(EventUnit(), c_unitPropLife, c_unitPropCurrent) <= 1))) {
            return false;

    // Actions
    if (!runActions) {
        return true;

    TriggerEnable(gt_KerriganRetreatingfromLowLife, false);
    TriggerEnable(gt_SpawnKerriganWave, false);
    TriggerEnable(gt_KerriganAttackTransmissionQ, false);
    TriggerEnable(gt_KerriganAttackTauntQ, false);
    TriggerEnable(gt_KerriganDeepTunnelQ, false);
    TriggerEnable(gt_KerriganPing, false);
    TriggerEnable(gt_KerriganGetsaKill, false);
    TriggerEnable(gt_KerriganImplosionCooldown, false);
    TriggerEnable(gt_KerriganOmegastormCooldown, false);
    TriggerEnable(gt_KerriganRetreatingfromLowLife, false);
    PingSetVisible(gv_kerriganPing, false);
    AISetUnitScriptControlled(gv_kerrigan, true);
    UnitBehaviorRemove(gv_kerrigan, "TValerian03QueenOfBladesDontDie", c_unitBehaviorCountAll);
    return true;

void gt_KerriganDeath_Init () {
    gt_KerriganDeath = TriggerCreate("gt_KerriganDeath_Func");
    TriggerAddEventUnitProperty(gt_KerriganDeath, UnitRefFromVariable("gv_kerrigan"), c_unitPropLife);

Whether it’s overkill or lacking or fitting is up to you, it’s just an example based on “All In”.

Thank you. 1 last thing.
How do I put that Into the Game
In Addition
With Her Respawning At a Point or Region every 60 seconds?