Just an AI (Remastered)

Hello there, im suprised you went over here to see what this map was about, and its on the Arcade Right now! You can play it if ya want to, but i’ll tell you what it’s about.

Gameplay: So basically you just watch the AI Fight… thats all, but i plan to add some Story and heroes at some point. Also, The AI actually build stuff, get upgrades, make units, etc.

At the 5:00 Minute mark into the game, the AI will build their Expansions.

At the 10:00 Minute Mark or Later, the AI will attack each other!

Credits: Credits go to InsaneMonster for the InsaneAI mod i used to make this AI.

And yes, i do read the Reviews on the SC2 Arcade, hopefully you play it. If not, then thats okay. I hope you have a Wonderful Day and thank you for Reading this!

Its also called Just an AI (Remastered) you can tell cus of the Title of this Post but if you can’t find it, heres the link that you can enter in SC2