I've just started leaving vs protoss

SC2pulse now calculates win-rates for Grandmaster for each race, and even charts it vs game length:


The numbers are rather shocking, and I already knew toss was busted. The longer the game goes, the more toss wins. Chronoboost is the fundamental issue of protoss imbalance. That’s crystal clear now. Remember, these are the win-rates after demotion. Players lose games, get demoted, and their win-rate equalizes to 50/50. These are the win-rates after demotion. Shocking. Absolutely shocking.

At this point I just leave vs protoss. No point playing the game out. We already know who wins. We saw the loading screen, he plays toss and I play zerg, no point playing it out, lmao. Just spam f10+n over and over on the loading screen. They want free wins, I don’t want to waste the time, it’s a win-win for everyone. Welcome to ClownCraft 2. Toss abusers think they are entitled to your time. Nope. Take the mmr and stay out of my life. It’s a win-win for everyone.


protoss winrate is so high because of people like you
skill issue


Pretty sure the Protoss winrate on ladder is so high because they buffed a race that didn’t need to be buffed for three years straight while nerfing Zerg because Serral is/was the best Zerg/Player in the game. Anyone playing this game on ladder above diamond league can clearly see Protoss has an advantage in every situation in the game. Hell, their end game army (literally whatever they want to build) takes almost no micro compared to the other two races. We need to take the balance from the balance team ASAP before Zerg is 15% of GM.

Take getting attacked for example. Early/Mid game, all you are doing is pressing overcharge and maybe grabbing a high cost unit (immortal/colossus) and stutter stepping it backwards while the rest of your units a-move.

Attacking is literally the same thing. Amove a clump of units, press a spell and MAYBE be forced to micro one or two high value units into a warp prism. Meanwhile you never have to look at your base to do ANYTHING, not even warping in units while attacking. You always have defenders advantage and can warp in anywhere on the map. Its ridiculous.

Then if you go into a fight you cant win, you just press another single button action, aka, RECALL and be 110% safe. Getting attacked? Just warp in units wherever you need them on the map. Behind in ups or workers? No worries because Toss has chrono and can catch up with virtually no skill required.

Hell, that isn’t even talking about the literal 1 in 30 different allins (which are never allin for Toss for some reason) you can do, including forge fast expanding which nearly every Toss on ladder does frequently. Protoss needs heavy nerfs in line with making them micro and making them split up their f2 amove clump of units. You shouldn’t be able to take Plat league 100apm and make it into GM yet you can with Protoss. Absolutely ridiculous.


I am a top 50 gm w/ a 70% zvt and 65% zvz winrate. Vs toss I have a 55% winrate. Not a skill issue. Its not worth playing the game out vs toss. Dude plays like a donkey meanwhile you have to try as hard as serral. Just give apetoss what they want, free mmr, and queue another game. You win back the lost mmr in a heartbeat. Not wasting time on protoss.

If MMR was given based on the amount of whining on the forums, you are at the top for sure.

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Somebody has to take the L for the team. No counter pressure and the balance counsel will buff toss to jupiter and put sc2 6 feet under. With counter pressure toss is 50% of eu gm, lol. Imagine what they’d do without counter pressure. At a minimum toss would be 60% of gm. Someone has to criticize their failure or they will will mistake their failures for success.

It shows the people in charge don’t have an elementary school level understanding of math. I have 10 year old nephews who understand statistics better than the balance counsel. When 10 year old elementary students can understand outliers but the people in charge of a billion dollar game enterprise can’t, it’s time to start asking some tough questions.

The truth is they probably know. They buffed toss anyway. They are turning sc2 esports into a corrupt sport like boxing. The sc2 referees are going to force protoss to win the world finals no matter the cost because they think it’sgood for viewership. There’s no turning back from these moves. Will sc2 esports ever be viewed the same again?


It’s so sad, you can’t even pick the race you want to play. Gotta pick the aliens. The balance council can start off by moving chronoboost to an unlock, after gateways done, to match terran and zerg. Give the Spire quicker build time. Everything else got buffed. Also, lower Mutalisk gas cost to 75, so that we can actually build them. Finally, Greater Spire time is ridiculous.

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Yeah & they pick the strats to use too. Gotta spam carrier storm every game. When infestors were busted I didn’t use them. How boring is it to just crush your opponents. I use infestor swarm host ultralisk because it’s the weakest unit comp in the game, that’s what makes it fun. Sometimes I still steamroll them & feel bad about it. Justbthe other day I destroyed a female streamer with ultra swarm host and she was so frustrated by the game she was legit on the verge of tears. Tossers pick protoss & spam carriers on repeat. Win after win. Rude & Boring!

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How fun would it be to just jump into Dota 2 one day, group up, and pick the 2-shot heroes. Hilarious!

Me going back to LoL:

h ttps://imgur.com/a/rV8wwin

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400 mmr below me. Waste of time to play the game. He plays like a donkey and wins anyway. You play like serral and lose anyway. Nerf protoss.

I have literally a 95% win-rate vs this mmr range of terrans. Here are a few beautiful moments from the game to showcase this Protoss and his MIGHTY skill:



Etc. That was the common theme of the game. He just amoved zealots into banelings over and over. The dude has never split-microed in his life. He’s Grandmaster. He a-moves and t-clicks and that’s it. I am split microing, stutter stepping, setting up flanks, skill-shotting morphing archons with biles, etc.

The only thing he has to do to win is get 1 storm in the general area of your army. That’s it.


I can almost see whiner like you almost everywhere, even if your zerg race win the most champion and the easiset to play.

SDSDSDSDSDSD all day, then your zerg suddenly get into the grandmaster leaguer.

dont even need a brain, a pair of hands is enough


Dude zerg has 19% and 22% respectively in GM compared to Tosses 40% and 48% respectively (Na and EU). What are you talking about? Theres hardly any Zerg in GM. lol

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to all zerg apologists (including tehbatz)
Was it toss being buffed or terran being nerfed ? Widow mine, lib, cyclone etc, so what does terran nerfs have to do in ZvP ? Again it’s skill issue. Zerg players have been carried by their easy F2 a-move race that they literally forget how to play the game the moment another race gets slight buffs !!!
It’s not protoss - IT’S YOU - YOU SUCK AT THE GAME. Stop crying and gitgud (that’s what we terrans have been told for ages). Karma strikes back.

There is a toss in code s who uses a single hotkey. There is a kr pro toss at 6200 mmr who uses zero hotkeys. What you are saying is so detached from reality it’s just a blatant lie. Toss are achieving incredible results while being so lazy they can’t even bother to hotkey their army. Literally anyone with eyes can see hero f2 the unit out of his wall and die to a zergling runby. It happens almost every game he plays. We’re supposed to pretend players who can’t use hotkeys are somehow, magically, more skilled than both the terrans and zergs they compete against. Not a chance. Learningto use hotkeys is one of the most basic skills in the game, and high level toss can’tdo it. This issue is so black and white that if you disagree then you are lying. It is that simple.

h - - - ttps://imgur.com/a/PA2WTPy

How far do you think I can get?
This is my new Zerg keyboard (i’m using grid)

Update: This is disgusting. I just bet the elite Zerg AI with it. Feels strong.

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Protoss keybaord: f2, a.


Sorry, i’m jumping off the Protoss OP train. I think the secret to winning is to just never tech up as Zerg. I hate to go, but it is only fair.

Make ling, maek hatch.

Ling speed, queens? Don’t get fancy. 4 hatch ling.

U aren’t wrong. Zerg has a positive winrate vs apetoss only at the 3 minute mark. It’s all downhill from there.

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