Is there a way to zoom out during play?

The camera is just too close during game play. I’d like to zoom out further while playing against the AI. I’ve looked at the camera settings but cannot determine which value I should change.


If you are playing with normal zoom (after turning on the game), you cannot further zoom out, until you play some custom maps/mods. Many players have “zoom in” option blocked in settings.

If you watch replay or observe a live game, (I believe in default UI as well, but for sure in WCS 3.0) you can use Z or Z + Shift to zoom out and have large field of view - which is not available while playing.

If you suspect you have more zoomed view than most of players, consider comparing it with some Youtube videos and providing us with screenshot of your game? Usually you can use mid mouse button to zoom in/out.


What about being able to zoom out a bit in coop games ? Those are against AI so should be fair to do so.
I would love to see a bit more of the map since everything looks kind of big on my 27 inch tv, with 2k resolution.


Is there any answer to the original and follow up question. The piture is too zoomed on my 4k 32" monitor and I am not aware of the secret combination to zoom out. ctrl, alt, shift+z just does not work for co-op and many arcade maps.