Is there a way to purchase more than one hero?

If I want to purchase multiple heroes do I have to do each one separately? There’s no way to select several and then do one purchase?

Also are there ever bundles that let you purchase several heroes for a discount?

Thank you in advance for any info!

The bundles are pretty rare, and usually come with other non-commander things. They haven’t done a strictly commander bundle in a long while, the bundles they usually do is for a commander launch where they do “commander + announcer + stimpack.”

The one bundle they always have running with commanders is the Campaign Bundle, which has all the campaigns but also Swann, Vorazun, Zagara and Karax. But there currently isn’t anything similar.

if i remember correctly, there used to have an all commander bundle. I got all of my new commander up to Before H&H with that bundle.

Yeah I know they’ve done a few big bundles of commanders, it’s just been years since the last one I can remember.

No i think that is the only commander-focus bundle we have. There is no other bundle like that as far as i remember.

Like a Shopping Cart? No, that’s way too advanced for Blizzard. You need cookies*. And code. First, ADD a few teaspoons of logic. Sprinkle in a CHECK-OUT page. Pre-heat the ‘CONFIRM’ button. Damn, my as well spice it up with some “users who bought this also bought that”. Add salt as needed.

(* you don’t necessarily need cookies)

PS. See what I did there?
PPS. This is a criticism of the website code, not the game. Seen the achievements page? Most of them are technical names, not actual descriptions. Portraits (on the website) don’t match their…portrait names. The profile pages are so cryptic one would imagine it was meant to be only an internal-use page or view-by-admins-troubleshooting-a-problem-page.
PS3. If you’re logged in, the “buy” button insta-buys that one item, no confirmation. Quite a silly feature for a game/site that doesn’t rely on micro transactions per se.