Is there a way to convert an existing meleemap to an arcade?

I made a melee map for 8 players, but is so huge that i started to add somethings to make it more fun, anyway, i saw the bases of the game an a melee map is just a map with melee settings, and a custom (i mean a map even being melee but with added feautres is now an arcade in terms of gaming). So, as I added more things, I just wanna know is there is a way to convert my existing map to an arcade map, I mean, I want my map to appears in the arcade map searcher, not in the custom map searcher, please, is there a way or this is a request to blizzard to add this feature, please, I don’t want to remake the whole map but changing in the base to *arcade, i want to convert my existing map to an arcade map.